Best Marshmallow Cat Beds

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Cats, although a little bit lazy, are cuddly, snoozy creatures. Cats usually sleep between 12-20 hours a day, even more so when they’re older. So making sure our cats sleep comfortably is one of the most important responsibilities for us cat owners. 

Marshmallow cat beds are a great way to ensure your cat sleeps peacefully. They have soft raised walls that completely surround your cat when it is curled up, giving it a safe and cosy space for your cat to sleep.

In this guide we review the best marshmallow cat beds in the UK and take a look at what you should consider when buying one.

Our Top Marshmallow & Donut Cat Bed Picks

We’ve picked out the best marshmallow cat beds from the reviews further down this guide. For more information, keep reading!

Overall Best Marshmallow Cat Bed: Bedsure Donut Cat Bed 5/5

Best Value Marshmallow Cat Bed: Plush Donut Cat Bed 4.5/5

What to Consider When Buying Marshmallow Cat Beds

A marshmallow bed is delightful name given to a slightly raised, usually round, plush cat bed. They offer full-body support and warmth for your cat and are especially good for cats with older, sore joints.

When buying a marshmallow cat bed you should consider the following:

  • Where you want to place it
  • How big your cat is
  • What colour fits your room best
  • How often your cats go outside/get dirty
  • Is it machine washable?

Best Marshmallow Cat Bed Reviews

We’ve picked out our top 5 marshmallow beds for cats available in the UK.

1. Bedsure Donut Cat Bed

Bedsure Cat Bed Donut Bed - Cat Beds for Indoor Cats, Washable Fluffy Kitten Bed for Anti-Anxiety and Calming, Light Grey, 50x50x16cm

Our Rating: 5/5

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The Bedsure cat bed is a premium cat bed made of a soft fur, synthetic material. You can easily take off the cover and machine wash it. You don’t have to worry if your cat is too big for this bed, either. It comes in two sizes, starting from 50 cm up to 60 cm (external diameter) which is plenty big enough for all curled up cats. It also has a non-slip pad on the bottom, so it doesn’t move all over the place when your cat gets active.

Our cats took to the Bedsure donut bed very quickly, with one of them marching on it within a few minutes of me unwrapping it. Our cats love this cat bed, and we hope yours do too 🙂

Key Features

  • Soft fur material makes the bed feel luxuriously soft.
  • A non-slip pad on the bottom.
  • Machine washable.
  • Comes in 2 size options (50cm and 60cm)
  • Available in 3 colours.

2. Plush Donut Cat Bed

Plush Donut Pet Bed,Dog Cat Round Warm Cuddler Kennel Soft Puppy Sofa,Luxury Cat Cushion Bed Sleeping Bag Orthopedic Relief and Improved Sleep,Anti-Slip Bottom,Machine Washable (M-19.7' x 7.9', Grey)

Our Rating: 4.5/5

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The Plush Donut Cat Bed is the most economical choice of the bunch. It has a fluffy grey-coloured bed surface and soft filling, ensuring maximum comfort and durability. It is circular shaped and slightly raised on the edge, keeping your pet from rolling out of the bed while sleeping. This cat bed is washable (it is fine in the washing machine, but a cold wash is recommended) and comes with a waterproof, non slip base.

The bed comes in 4 sizes ranging from medium to extra extra large, and comes in 5 colours. In this range, they also sell donut beds that come with a cosy and fluffy roof, making the perfect cave for your cat.

Key Features

  • Comes in 4 sizes, from medium to XXXLarge (100cm)
  • Available in 5 colours: dark grey, grey, pink, brown & beige
  • Circular shaped, curved edge, and slightly raised edge for maximum comfort.
  • Machine washable and dryable

​3. Me & My Super Soft Doughnut Pet Bed

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Doughnut or marshmallow, which one is it? In this case, both! The Me & My Super Soft Doughnut Pet Bed is super fluffy on the inside. It has thick padded sides and base. The outside layer is striped, which means this pet bed is more durable than the rest. A striped outer layer also makes the bed dust resistant as it attracts less dirt.

With a non-slip base, your pets can jump and tumble on the bed all they want, and it won’t move a bit. This cat bed will lovingly endure your pets’ tough love anytime! Although, be very careful about measuring your pet, since this bed only comes in one size. It measures about a foot wide on the inside.

Key Features

  • Soft, plush bed
  • Padded outer layer and base
  • Striped bottom outer layer
  • Picks up less dust and can withstand moderate abuse
  • No-slip base
  • Very economical

4. AIPERRO Pet Bed

AIPERRO Dog Bed for Small Medium Dogs, Donut Cuddler Fur Round Pet Bed Soft Plush Fluffy Indoor Calming Cat Bed, Anti-Slip & Anti-Anxiety, 16/20/23/30 Inch for Puppy and Kitties (20 inch, Beige Brown)

Our Rating: 4.5/5

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The highlight of the AIPERRO Pet Bed is its material. Faux fur made of pure cotton is guaranteed to make your cats rest easy. This material is quite similar to actual fur, giving your cat a sense of familiarity. It’s also warm, so your pet can sleep snugly in winter.

The outer layers of the bed are overstuffed giving your cat extra neck and head support. The stuffier outer side discourages your cat from falling off the edge of the bed. It also makes the bed slightly stiffer so it won’t tip over easily.

It is stuffed with a polyester fibre filling giving it an extra bit of fluff. Because most of the bed is made of pure organic cotton, you should only hand-wash it to preserve its softness and fluffiness.

Key Features

  • Ultra-soft material made of 100% faux cotton fur
  • Very warm
  • No-slip base
  • Polyester fibre filling allows the bed to be vacuum-packed
  • Comes in three size options and two colour options

5. Furhaven Pet Bed

Furhaven Medium Dog Bed Plush Faux Fur Beanbag-Style Ball Nest w/Removable Washable Cover - Gray Mist, Medium

Our Rating: 4/5

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The Furhaven Pet Bed is unlike the other fur textured marshmallow pet beds on this list. It’s bald. But wait a minute, don’t let the baldness fool you. It’s more like a beanbag for your pets. It’s so soft; your pet could sink inside it and stay comfy for hours. The fabric in the middle is very stretchy.

It has two layers: the ultra-soft outer layer, and a thinner inner layer that holds the inside filling together. It also has a zippered design, meaning you can open it and clean the insides quickly. The zippered design also makes it easier to either add more stuffing or re-fluff the existing stuffing.

This pet bed is the most expensive on this list, but it is very well worth it, considering its uniqueness. Being the most expensive, this pet bed also offers the biggest size out of all the pet beds listed, up to a whopping 115 centimetres (45 inches)!

Key Features

  • The biggest size for your biggest pets
  • Soft and comfy, especially in the middle
  • Easy cleaning because of the zippered design
  • Easy refilling or re-fluffing of the stuffing
  • Made of polyester, so expect increased durability

Benefits of Having a Marshmallow Cat Bed

You may be wary of spending money on a cat bed since, let’s face it, cats always seem to choose a window sill or cardboard box over anything else. But this doesn’t mean your cat will completely abandon a cat bed. It’s well worth it to keep it in your house for whenever your cat feels like using it.

A marshmallow cat bed can:

  • Provide increased comfort for your cat
  • Help build a habit of sleeping in the same spot
  • Support your cat’s joints while it sleeps
  • Give your cat a sense of safety when it sleeps
  • It can help to improve anxiety in cats

A Buyers Guide on Choosing Marshmallow Cat Beds

Size of Your Cat

Do you have a full-grown cat or a kitten? Is your cat thin and athletic or fluffy and plump? The last thing you’d want to see is your cat’s head dangling off the edge of the bed because the bed is too small.

Cats can grow really big. It very much depends on the breed. A Maine Coon, a long and big cat, can grow up to 100 cm (40 inches) in length! Make sure you buy for the future, since cats (like all other pets) grow up. Getting an undersized pet bed can cause your cat discomfort while getting an oversize bed won’t.

I advise buying the biggest cat bed you can manage (not huge, but a bed with enough wiggle room). Don’t forget to always check the actual dimension of the bed, too. Most marshmallow cat beds come in sizes ranging from 25 cm to 95 cm.

Bed Material

Generally speaking, cotton is softer, breathable, warm, and less expensive. In comparison, polyester (or other manufactured fibres) are stronger, resistant to dust and moisture (some can even be water-resistant), easier to wash and dry, and lightweight. 

When it comes to the material that makes up the stuffing, polyester fibre is the better option. With some pet beds, you can even open up the insides, and stuff it with more filling!

Colour and Style

Don’t stick yourself with an unsightly cat bed. Get one that blends in with the scenery. A marshmallow pet bed in a colour that matches your furniture will be a great addition to your room. From a functionality perspective, get a dark-coloured marshmallow cat bed if your cat loves being outdoors. If you have a cat with lighter fur, choose a lighter colour, so stray hairs don’t stand out as much.

Bed Cleaning

Your cats are curious animals and if you have an outdoor cat, they’re bound to get into something. Your pet could track in dirt, dust, or even mud when they come back in from their adventure. And when they come back to cuddle in their favourite bed, oh boy, things can get dirty really quick.

Depending on where you live, your cat can bring in dirt, crunched leaves, liquids, and worse, mud. They’ll come back from their adventure, fall asleep in their brand new cat bed, and well, look at that. Now your cat bed is covered in mud!

But even if they aren’t an outdoor cat, you’ll still want to wash the cat bed every so often. It will help keep the bed free from bacteria, pollen, and fur.

Machine-washable ensures your bed can be washed and dried conveniently. Although generally, you’d want to hand wash the pet bed to preserve softness and the integrity of the seams. Make sure to read the wash specifications on the tag of the cat bed before you do either.

To help preserve your bed you may want to consider using a soft cat blanket to keep it from getting too dirty.


Cats love to knead and bite. Some cats do it more than others. And as much as it’s cute seeing them chew on their bed playing, or kneading it like they’re back with mum, it can do some significant damage to a soft surface. Buy a cat bed that can endure your cat’s tough love. The stronger the material, the longer it will last, which saves you more money in the long run.

Location of the Bed

Decide what kind of surface your cat bed will be on primarily. Do you want your bed to sit on a carpeted or hardwood floor? If you want your marshmallow cat bed to sit on a non-carpeted surface, then you need a bed with a non-slip base.

Cat bed placement in the room is equally as important. Preferably, put your marshmallow cat bed in an area with enough space for your cat to get out of it. Amusingly, our cats have their cat bed situated at the top of their cat tree as its the only place they like to sit, and they have no trouble getting in and out!


Cats are wonderful creatures, and we should do our best to provide them with comfort. One of the best ways to do that is to buy a marshmallow cat bed. Make sure the pet bed will fit your cat’s size, and you pick a bed made from cotton or a synthetic material. Cotton is softer, warmer and cheaper. Meanwhile, synthetic (polyester, faux fur, velvet) is more durable, lighter, and easier to wash.

If you are unsure about buying a marshmallow cat bed you should consider reading our guide on the best cat beds or heated cat beds which cover off other styles.