Best Cat Scratcher Sofas by PetFusion

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Cat scratchers are very crucial, and every cat lover knows the importance of having one in the house. Scratching is a natural instinct to cats, and the scratchers prevent your cats from destroying your furniture or carpet. They also come in handy when the cats need to stretch and flex their muscles.

Best PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounger Reviews

There are many different types of cat scratchers, and the best so far is the cat scratcher sofas. Unlike the ordinary cat scratching poles, the sofas are more prominent, and they can comfortably accommodate more than one cat. If you have several cats, the sofa will work best for you. However, they occupy more room in the house, and the vast surface area allows for multiple cats to use it at the same time.

Pet Fusion has gone out of their way to come up with some of the best cat scratcher sofas for cats in the market. This article will focus on their top 3 best scratchers.

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

This cat scratcher sofa is 86x27x27cm in size, and it is ideal for all sizes of cats. It does not matter whether you have kittens or the adult size cat. It is made of recycled cardboard and non- toxic cornstarch glue. This ensures it is safe and comfortable for your cat. They will enjoy scratching and stretching, and it also acts as a resting place when they are tired.

Despite it being environmentally friendly and made of biodegradable material, it is meant for indoor cats. You should place it on a dry surface to enhance its durability. It is straightforward to use since it does not need any assembling. It comes as a complete product, unlike the cat scratchers posts.

Most of the clients who purchased this lounge for scratching gave it positive reviews. The walnut brown color is neutral, and it quickly blends in with the rest of the furniture in the room. It is also better than the traditional scratching posts since it does not shed when the cats are using it compared to the sisal on the ordinary cat scratches.

The curves can also be used as toy holders for your cat, and this will keep your cat busy when they are tired of scratching. The best advantage when it comes to using this scratching sofa is that when one side is worn out, you just flip to the other side. It has two sides of scratching.

PetFusion Cat Scratcher FLIP PAD

This is the bestselling cat scratcher sofa in the market, and many clients love it because if its simplicity. It does not need any assembling, and it does not occupy a lot of space. It is ideal for a single large cat since its design cannot allow two cats to fit. In addition to that, it is very affordable.

It has a two flip design that allows for the cat to utilize both sides for scratching and one side is curved so your cat can also take a nap on it. In fact, most cats tend to use it as a bed before they realize it’s actually meant for scratching.

Its simple structure makes it portable; therefore it can be used for both strict indoor and outdoor cats. The dense cardboard makes it durable, and it lasts longer than the ordinary cat scratching posts.

If your cat loves scratching your seats, you can try this scratching pad since the curve resembles the ordinary sofa and is what attracts the cats to it. It will save you from buying new seats and the scratching pad is more affordable.

It is also quite strong and sturdy regardless of it being a scratching pad. There is very minimal cardboard shedding, and this occurs after prolonged use. Some clients have used it for more than 18 months, and they are happy with the product. You can also place some toys on the curved side for your cat to play with as they stretch. Playing is an excellent form of exercise, and it will help your cat stay fit.

PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge

If you have multiple cats, this is the best cat scratcher for you. The size is big enough to accommodate four large cats. It has four scratching areas; the top side, a bottom side, the curved sides and the space in between the top and bottom. One cat can use the top part as the other cat uses the base portion. When both sides start to wear out, you just flip the sides, and your cats can continue using it.

Both the top and bottom side can be used as resting or relaxing areas after a long day of scratching. It is very sturdy therefore you should not worry about the safety of your cats. The large size also ensures your cats can efficiently stretch as they scratch. In addition to training, it can be used for;

  • Aggression training,
  • Joints and Bone exercise,
  • Agility training and
  • Behavioral training.

The white color gives it a touch of elegance, and you can easily place it in any room without it looking awkward. This scratcher lounge for cats is more massive than other cat sofas. Therefore, it will require more space. The good thing is there is no assembling required. Your cats can start using it as soon as it gets to the house. It is recommended that you keep this cat scratching sofa indoors. Therefore, it is more suitable for purely indoor cats.

In conclusion

Every house with a large cat or multiple cats should have the cat scratcher sofas. Regardless of the fact that they are more expensive than the regular scratching posts, they are very economical.

The cardboard provides a better scratching surface than the sisal lined posts. The cat scratching lounges are safer and more comfortable than the ordinary scratching posts.

However, ensure you play with your cats often to ensure they stay active. The scratching sofas can also promote laziness since most cats love to take a nap on them. Resting is not bad, but the inactive hours should not be more than the active hours.