Best Cat Scratching Posts

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Why does a cat need a scratching post? This is a question often asked by most of the cat lovers’, especially first time owners. The thing is, scratching is a natural instinct to all cats. They just can’t help it. Some of the reasons they love to scratch is;

  • It helps remove the dead skin or outer layer of their tiny claws,
  • It helps to strengthen their claws by helping them not to break,
  • It’s a perfect opportunity to stretch their bodies as they flex their muscles,
  • Scratching is a way of cats marking their territory, regardless of whether they are indoor or outdoor cats.

Here’s our favourite scratching posts

It is advisable to purchase for your cat a scratching post since it will go a long way to prevent the cats from damaging your furniture or carpet. There are several models of cat scratching posts in the market, and this article will focus on some of the best brands that will ensure your cat enjoys their scratching time.

Trixie Parla Scratching Post, 62 cm

This scratcher for cats is undisputedly the best in the market. It is ridiculously simple and affordable. It is straightforward to assemble since it is only made of two parts; the scratching post and a base for mounting the post.

In addition to that, the post is lined with sisal giving it that natural texture and roughness required by the cats. Most outdoor cats will scratch on trees; therefore the sisal lining makes it the best substitute for indoor cats.

The Trixie Parla does not occupy much space in the room, and you can just place it in one of the corners of your house, and you will be good to go. It is very robust and previous clients who have used it gave positive reviews, and some even cited its ability to handle large cats.

Ancol Acticat Fat Boy Scratching Post, 70 cm

This scratching post for cats is 5.2Kgs in weight making it a stable and robust post for any cat out there. This feature caused it to become a favorite among many people. It is also effortless to assemble as it comes in two parts only. The long scratching post and the base pad.

The scratching post is lined with soft sisal, and the cats just love it. However, if your house does not have much space you might want to reconsider buying it. Due to the nature of its size, it requires a place with enough space to accommodate the base pad and the height of the pole. Regardless of that, it is worth your money, and you can be sure your cat will love it.

Kerbl Cat Opal Maxi Scratching Post, 78 cm

This is an excellent cat scratching post for the active indoor cats. It comes with a woolen ball that you can hang on the pole for the cat to play with. This will keep your cat glued to the post, and it will also help them to exercise as they play with the ball and stretch their bodies. It is also an excellent way for your cats to flex their muscles.

In addition to that, the pole is very sturdy, and you can place some cat biscuits on top of it to encourage your cats to use the scratching pole more often. This applies to the cats that still have a problem adapting to the pole, and they still insist on scratching the seats.

Trixie Espejo Scratching Post, 68 cm

If you have more than one cat, this scratching post will be best for you. It is comprised of the scratching pole, the bottom base for mounting the post and a top pad where your cat can climb onto when scratching. The height is quite okay, and it is good for stretching your cats back muscles.

It is very stable and previous clients who have used it appreciate it a lot. It’s quite affordable, and the cats love it. It is not made of synthetic lining that ends up damaging the cats’ claws. The sisal lining enables the cats to scratch comfortably, and the top padding allows for the cats to rest and even nap after a scratching session.

Ancol Premo XL Extra Tall, 70 cm

This uniquely tall cat scratcher will keep your cats on their toes. It is designed in such a way that the cats will have to work extra hard to play with the rotating cat toy. This is perfect exercise especially if you have an obese cat and you need it to lose some weight.

Despite it being 2.2kgs, it is very stable. The weight should not worry you at all. You can regularly exchange the top and bottom pole to ensure both poles are equally utilized by the cat. There will be uniform aging of both poles compared to the bottom pole aging faster.

Trixie Baza Scratching Post

This is one of the best cat scratching brands in the market. Its design distinguishes it from the rest since it has two scratching poles and a ?cat bed’ on top. Your cat will have a fun time scratching itself and climb into the top bed to have a cat nap.

The base is also stable, and it ensures your cat is safe and will not fall. The cats can even sleep on the bottom support in case you have two cats, but it is not as comfortable as the top bed. Many clients who used it ended up loving it and gave positive recommendations. It is definitely worth the money, and your cat will thank you for it.

The Trixie Baza is wrapped with natural sisal to help the cats scratch, and you can also place some cat toys on the cat top bed to keep them active.

Me & My Large Beige Sisal Scratching Post

Just as the name suggests, this cat scratching post is ideal for large cats. It has a top and bottom resting pad for the cat and the scratching pole connects the two pads. All the parts are lined with natural sisal to enable the cats to effectively scratch, and it is also quite steady. You can rest assured your heavy cat won’t have a problem climbing on the top pad.

However, you need to ensure the screws are tightly fixed to ensure it does not wobble which may pose a health hazard to your cats. Irrespective of that, many cat lovers and their cats love it. The middle pole is also tall enough to ensure your cats get a chance to stretch as they scratch. It is ideal for kittens too, and on top of that, it is very easy to assemble.

Smart Cat Ultimate Scratching Post

This scratching post for cats is 84cm tall and lined with high-quality sisal all round. If you are not so keen on elegance, this is the perfect brand for you. There is nothing unique about it as it resembles a tower. However, it still works quite well. The height is an advantage to the cats as it enables them to flex their back muscles effectively.

If you like traveling with your cat, this brand will suit you. You won’t have to worry about your cat scratching other people’s furniture. Regardless of its height, the base is very firm and sturdy. This ensures it doesn’t topple over as your cats try to climb to the top.

Beeztees Scratch Post Gina, 60 cm

If your cat is the aggressive type, then this is the best cat scratching post for you. Many clients who have used this brand before testified to it taking a long time before the sisal started wearing off compared to other models. Therefore, it will take you a while before you replace it.

One client gave a positive review of using it for two years before replacing it. It is quite affordable too and easy to assemble. The footprint on the lower base attracts the cats to it, and the height allows the cat to stretch appropriately. It is definitely worth your money.

Bottom Line

The fact that cats are born with the natural instinct to scratch means that they will scratch at all costs. So to be on the safe side, you would rather purchase one of the recommended cats scratching posts compared to buying a new carpet or a new set of seats. The scratching posts also come with added health benefits that the seats do not offer not forgetting they are cheaper.