Best Cat Trees & Play Towers for Cats

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If you are a cat lover, most probably you have noticed that most cats are like the average two-year-old kid. They rarely stay in the same spot for more than an hour, and they are always looking for something to do. This inquisitive nature is what led to the formation of cat trees and play towers for cats.

Cat trees prevent cats from getting bored

The cat trees help to keep the cats busy preventing them from getting bored. They come in handy mostly during the rainy season when the cats can’t go out. In addition to that, they also help the cats to exercise and stay fit as they jump from one tier to the other. As if that is not enough, most of the posts that make the play towers are lined with sisal. Therefore, the cats can enjoy scratching and sharpening their claws.

Best cat tree Reviews

There are several brands of cat trees and play towers for cats, but nothing beats the ones highlighted in this article. The list comprises of different play towers, and regardless of the size of your cat, you can be sure to find the perfect cat tree for it.

Milo & Misty 3 Platform Cat Tree & Activity Centre

This 10kg play tower for cats is ideal for kittens, and it is top of the list because of its excellent quality and affordability. It’s quite cheap compared to other cat trees in the market and most of the clients who purchased it recommended it because of its quality. Cheap doesn’t always mean bad quality when it comes to the milo and misty play tower.

It comprises of three different tiers with the lower platform (base) being wide enough for your cat to take a nap. There is a small ladder that connects the base pad to the first tier, and it allows your cat to ascend easily without falling and getting injured. The upper level acts as an excellent viewing area for the cats when they are not busy hiding or sleeping in the cave.

The posts connecting all the tiers also act as scratching posts for the cats. They are lined with natural sisal that helps to keep the cat’s claws healthy and in excellent shape. There is also a cat hammock for your cats to take a nap or just relax and in case they are not in the mood for sleeping, there are several dangling mice available for playing with.

TecTake Cat Scratcher Activity Centre

This play tower is ideal for kittens and small cats. If your cat is large, this will not be the best option for you. It is 18.5 Kg in weight, 131cm tall and it is made of 3 distinct platforms. This cat tree is straightforward to assemble regardless of the fact that it has two cat caves and three viewing platforms. There is a simple ladder to facilitate climbing, and all the connecting posts are also scratching posts.

High-quality materials have been used to make this play tower, and the beige color gives it a touch of elegance. It is easy to fit it in any room, and it will blend in with the rest of the colors without looking misplaced.

Cat Tree Sophie Activity Centre and Scratching Post

The burgundy red color makes it what makes this play tower unique. The price is a bit on the higher side, and it is quite tall with a height of 205cm. Regardless of that, it is very sturdy, and it is ideal for grown adult cats. Clients who previously purchased it said that it could comfortably accommodate up to 3 cats at any one time without falling.

It has a hammock for taking a nap and two viewing areas in case the cats don’t feel like napping. There is a lovely cat cave on the top tier and to be honest, this cat tree is worth every single cent. You will get value for your money.

Rapunzel Solid Castle Cat Tree

This is another creative play tower for cats. It has two cat caves with a simple ladder joining them, and this makes it ideal for heavy cats that are not able to jump to the top tiers. The height is excellent for stretching as the posts are lined with sisal for the cats to scratch on instead of them damaging your furniture.

Despite the tall height, this cat tree is very sturdy, and you can be assured your cats won’t make it topple as they climb. It also comes with mouse toys for your cats to play with and it helps to keep them active throughout the day. There are three different viewing platforms where your cats can catch a glimpse of everything else happening in the room.

MaxxPet Sam Cat Scratching Post Climbing Tree

This is another large play tower meant for big cats. However, that does not mean that if you have kittens, you can’t purchase it. In fact, it is more economical to buy it for your kittens. They can continue using it as they grow instead of buying a bigger one in future. It is very comfortable as there are two cat beds on the second and top tier and also a large hammock made of quality material.

The viewing platforms are well elevated as the entire cat tree is 170cm tall and it is very sturdy. Another outstanding feature other than the size is the scratching posts. They are lined with thick sisal, and this ensures the cats use them for a long time before they start wearing out. This cat tree is excellent for any cat lover who appreciates unique cat paraphernalia.

In conclusion

Any household that has a cat should have a cat tree that doubles as a play tower too. Cats get bored quickly, and this is one of the best ways to keep them busy. It is also economical to buy the cat tree since most of them come with a cat scratcher already in place. This will ensure that you don’t have to purchase a separate scratcher for your cat.