Best Cat Blankets and Bed Blankets for Cats

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Most of the cats love to cuddle a lot, especially during the cold season or when they are about to sleep. They depend on you to keep them warm and cozy but what about the days you will not be around?

Cat blankets help keep your cat warm, and you can line your cat bed with it so they can get used to sleeping on the bed without waiting for you to cuddle them. The market is flooded with various cat blankets, and the biggest challenge is choosing the right one for your cat.

The best cat blankets in the UK

Worry not. That is why this article is there to enlighten you on some of the best cat blankets on the market.

Allisandro Super Soft and Fluffy Cat Blanket

This blanket for cats had to be top of the list. It is loved by many cat owners, and it is affordable too. There are different blends of attractive colors and creative designs to choose from, and on top of that, they are made of very soft velvet which keeps your cat warm at night and during the winter season.

You can also line you seats with it to prevent hair transfers from your cat to the sofa, and the blanket comes in different sizes to accommodate the size of your cat.

It is effortless to wash, and the color does not fade even after washing it several times. The blanket is thin but durable, and it can withstand the cat scratching for several months before it wears out. It is advisable to regularly clip your cat’s nails to prevent them from damaging the blanket and also your furniture.

With this cat blanket, you are guaranteed value for your money, and you can also buy it as a present for another cat lover.

Trixie Beany Fleece Blanket

This is one of the best cat blankets because of its excellent quality material that can be washed and it dries quickly on its own. This is an added advantage during winter when clothes take a longer time to dry. The designs and color do not fade even after multiple washes.

In addition to the fabric being easy to wash, it is also ridiculously soft and warm. It will do a perfect job of keeping the cold weather away from your cat, and the blanket is not too heavy. Unlike humans, cats don’t like to be densely covered. The thickness of this cat blanket is just perfect, and your cat won’t have a problem adapting to it.

The price is low for such a great product, and it comes with different designs and sizes that you can choose from. You can also use it to line your car seats on your way to the vet to keep fur from them.

Bunty Extra Large Soft Cozy Warm Fleece Cat Blanket

Just as the name suggests, this is a massive cat blanket, and its size is what makes it be on the list of the best cat blankets. It is affordable despite the large size and it is ideal for lining your cat’s bed with it.

It is thin but very soft and cozy. The large size is a good fit for dogs since they are larger in body size than the cats.  In case you have several pets you should buy separate blankets for them. All animals are territorial, and there is no way they are going to share a blanket.

The cat paw design on this cat blanket makes the blanket more attractive, and the color does not fade on washing. This bed blanket for cats will give you value for your money.

Large Pet Blanket Paw Print Bed for Cat

If you are low on cash and your cat urgently needs a good cat blanket, this is the best option for you. This cat blanket is very cheap, and the most appealing part is the large size. You will spend very little money but get an awesome blanket in return.

It comes in various designs and colors to choose from, and it remains soft and warm even after being washed several times. The fabric does not fade, and you can be assured your pets will use it for a while before you buy another one.

Most of the past clients who bought this fleece liked it a lot, and they recommended it to other cat lovers. Cheap does not always mean bad quality, and with this blanket, you will get more value than the money you spend to purchase it. The best part is your pets will have a soft blanket that will keep them warm for several months.

Large Soft Pet Blanket (100x150cm)

This blanket comes in two colors, pink or blue which saves you the hustle of having to decide the best color for your cat. Pink is for female cats and blue is for male cats. It can also be used for other pets such as dogs and rabbits too.

It’s made of suitable quality fabric, and the ends have a superb finishing that can withstand your cat’s sharp claws. This cat blanket works well in keeping cat fur at bay, and you can line it on your furniture or where your cat likes to sleep to contain the hair.

This cat blanket is large compared to other cat blankets, and it is suitable for large cats. You can also buy it for medium sized cats since they are growing, and they can still continue using it as they grow.

In conclusion

Choosing the best cat blanket is an uphill task. This is one of those times you wish your cat could speak so you could directly ask them which blanket they prefer.  However, several key points will make the process much easier;

  • Knowing the right blanket size,
  • Choosing a soft fabric,
  • Knowing the ideal blanket thickness and
  • Knowing the best market price

These four crucial elements will make the whole process a walk in the park, and your cat will thank you for the cozy blanket.