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If you own a cat, then I’m sure you already know how much cats enjoy sleeping, and they love nothing more than snuggling up in a warm cosy spot. Investing in a good cat bed will not only give your furry little friend a comfortable place to sleep, but also a safe spot if they ever get scared or nervous.

There are so many different cat beds available that it can be overwhelming when trying to find the perfect bed for your kitten or cat. To help you with your decision, we have researched the best cat beds available in the UK and combined them into this bitesize guide to help you make an informed decision.

Our Favourite Cat Beds

If you’re looking for a quick recommendation, we have picked out our top picks from the reviews in this guide.

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Best Cat Bed Reviews

After doing the extensive research, we’ve collated our selection of the best cat beds available in the UK. 

1. VERTAST Cat Cosy Igloo Bed

The classy VERTAST cat igloo is stylish cat bed that is super soft and the perfect spot for your cat to curl up. The high quality finish is evident when you unbox this cat bed, and the fur collar on the bed entry is lovely and fluffy.

The bed itself measure 40cm x 35cm x 25cm which makes it a perfect fit for most cats. The raised entry to the igloo means this bed isn’t a great fit for very young kittens. The cushion inside is well padded and is fully removable for washing and cleanliness.

2. Friends Forever Donut Cat Bed

The Friends Forever donut bed is the top pick from our full review on marshmallow cat beds. Coming in 4 colours (Grey, Ivory, Pink and Tan) and 3 sizes (Small, Medium & Large) this donut cat bed is the choice of our cats. It is unbelievably soft and fluffy and makes the perfect spot for our cats to snuggle up.

Our cats took to the marshmallow bed very quickly with one of them marching on it within a few minutes of it replacing their older bed. It is machine washable and comes with a non slip pad on the bottom to keep it in place.

3. Bedsure Cat Tent Cave Bed

This versatile cat bed is a great option if you’re unsure how well your cats will take to a cave bed. The igloo type structure of this bed can be folded down to create a simple 2 in 1 bed for your cat.

The cushion is wonderfully soft, and the smart tent construction is soft and flexible if your cat moves within it. The tent has a low entrance, and the structure measures 35cm x 35cm x 38cm which makes it our choice for best kitten bed.

The cushion is removable and can be machine washed on a low temperature. The bed comes with an anti slip base and is suitable for cats weighing up to 5kg.

4. Petpal Cat Cuddle Cave

The PetPal cat cuddle cave is a purr-fect little house for your furry friend. It will give your cat a comfortable space to relax. The best thing about this bed is that it provides a wonderfully soft and cosy space for your cat to feel safe and secure in. It is available in stone grey colour.

This cat bed is padded with comfy cushions and your cat will love to snuggle in it. The Base material of this igloo bed is a non-slip, cushions are removable and washable which means you can use it for a longer period.

5. Me & My Pets Grey Fleece Igloo Pet Bed

Me & My Pets Grey Fleece Igloo Pet Bed is a love soft cat bed that provides your cat and kitten a soft hideaway. It is cosy, it is beautiful, it is comfortable, and it is portable. The bed is specifically designed for smaller cats, and is a very affordable igloo bed for your cat to snuggle in.

It comes with a non-slip base material that makes it possible for your cat to curl up and relax without any trouble. The best thing about Me & My Pets Grey Fleece Igloo bed is that it can easily be folded. This means that it is an ideal bed for travelling or storage. The igloo measures 30cm W x 30cm H x 44cm D, with an opening measuring 19cm x 17cm.

6. Me & My Super Soft Doughnut Cat Bed

This super comfy Doughnut Cat Bed helps you in keeping your cat off chairs and sofas. The doughnut shape helps your cat feel safe and comfortable. Super Soft Doughnut Cat Bed is specifically designed for small cats who love to curl up and sleep a lot. It comes with padded sides due to which it is super soft.

Its exterior is available in beige colour and its overall diameter is 47 cm. Its inner diameter is 27 cm and its height are 16 cm. Cleaning this bed is also easy. It is machine washable, so you will not need to do any effort. Your cat will love this super soft bed.

7. Twin Critters Cat Bed Cave Hideout

Using a traditional fabrication technique of Nepal, this cat bed is handcrafted by Nepali artisans. The material that has been used in the making of this bed is 100% natural. Therefore, this cat bed is completely safe from harsh chemicals. This bed is well suitable for larger cats because it has more space as compared to other cat beds.

It is durable, and you won’t be needing to wash it again and again. This is because it is made with wool and wool has the ability to naturally repel dirt and odour. It comes in grey colour and its weight is 839 grams.

8. Wicker Cave with Bed on Top

Wicker Cave with Bed on Top is a classy and beautiful cat bed that will fit well in any home. This basket-like bed is made of high-quality willow to provide the comfort that your cat deserves. The material that is used to make this bed is very strong. The Wicker Cave also comes with a comfortable and soft pillow so that your cat can rest comfortably.

It comes in black and its pillow comes in white. The size of this bed is 54cm L x 43cm W x 37cm H. It is easy to clean and hand washable.

9. Easipet Cat Kitten Bed Igloo

Easipet Cat Kitten Bed Igloo is one of our favourite cat beds. Its structure is designed like a cave which makes it super stylish. It will enhance the beauty of your home interior as well as serve as a perfect bed for your furry little friend. Cat Kitten Bed Igloo is available in the combination of beige and brown colour and its size is 41cm x 35cm x 26cm. It is suitable for the cats of all size.

10. Michur Linda Cognac wicker bed

This is another great bed designed by Michur. This beautiful cat bed is made of a high-quality material of willow. The best thing about this cat bed is that it is available in different sizes. This means that you can buy any size according to the needs of your cat. It also comes with a soft pillowcase which is removable.

Michur Linda Cognac wicker bed comes in cognac colour and the pillow is in white colour.

Types of Cat Bed

There are many different types of cat bed. We have listed the main types below:

  • Igloo/Cave Cat Beds – these can take on many forms, but they create a cave space for your cat to hideaway in.
  • Marshmallow / Donut Cat Beds – These cat beds are generally round and have raised sides to give your cat added comfort as they sleep in the middle.
  • Cat Shelves – These are beds that fit to your wall and allow your cat to sleep up high.
  • Perches – These are beds that often perch next to areas such as window sills. These are great for nosy cats!
  • Cat trees – These often double up as a play toy, but most have cat beds on them where cats love to snuggle.
  • Heated Cat Beds – These come with a heated element to keep your cat warm and snuggly. They are excellent for older cats with joint problems.


Buying a bed for your cat can be a difficult task. Especially when you don’t know a lot about cat beds or when it is your first time shopping for your cat. There are some important factors that you should always keep in minds such as the comfort of your cat and your budget. In this article, I shared the best cat beds in the UK after doing research and reading reviews of many customers.