Best Cat Milk and Milk Replacers for Kittens

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To avoid any confusion, let’s start with an interesting fact. Did you know that like most humans, cats are lactose intolerance? After lapping up a good dose of dairy milk, a good number of cats also have to deal with painful stomach cramps and diarrhea.

That doesn’t mean that cat’s hate all types of milk. But, it is a clear indication of the kind of milk that you should avoid and to help you with that, here are some quick reviews that you will find very helpful.

Let’s have a look at the best cat milk

Royal Canin Baby Milk

If you just got a kitten and you can’t figure out what you need to feed her, this milk for baby cats has the perfect formula. It has all the ingredients the young kitten will need to grow into a strong cat. The lactose content has been carefully considered and the powder dissolves instantly to provide an instantly formula for your hungry kitten.

Like maternal milk, this formula is fortified with dha to improve the development of cognitive function in the cat.


  • Enriched with dha
  • Dissolves instantly and completely
  • Designed to closely resemble maternal mild
  • Ensures harmonious and steady growth


  • The foil bags don’t have clips to seal the remaining powder

Whiskas Cat Food Milk

Maybe you prefer cat milk with a more synonymous name to your cat? Whiskas should do the trick. It is a perfect blend of milk for older cats that is low in lactose to guarantee an easier time for your cat’s stomach and to make sure that cat enjoys the milk with less worries.

The milk also contains plenty of vitamins and calcium that are essential to the cat’s growth and development. With this product, you are not only offering quality milk and safe milk to your cat but equally fueling their growth and development.


  • It is low in lactose
  • Is fortified with calcium, minerals and vitamins
  • Delicious taste for cats
  • Replaceable cap packaging


  • Should only be used by cats that are more than 6 weeks old

Toplife Formula Kitten Milk

Your kitty doesn’t always have to lap up their milk. You can use other methods to make sure the young cat has the best head start in life with the right product. This brand is perfect for young kittens and is made from natural ingredients that guarantee the health and well-being of the kitten.

The milk does not contain any colors, flavors or preservatives and does not have any added sugar. You can add the milk to dry foods, use it as a treat or serve it as cat milk.


  • It is perfect for kittens
  • Made from natural products with not additives
  • Replaceable cap packaging that preserves freshness
  • Contains taurine and added vitamins


  • The consistency is slightly thinner

Beaphar Kitty Milk Supplment for Cats and Kittens

Some kittens are faced with the difficult circumstance of suddenly losing their mother. As much as they might not understand it, you have the duty of coming in and helping them continue with their growth curve. This product is perfect for orphan kittens or those that can’t suckle well.

It has plenty of minerals and vitamins and contains the all so important Taurine to make sure the young cat grows into a strong, active and lovable pet. It is one of the best cat milk replacers that guarantee that your pet stays healthy as they move away from their maternal milk.


  • Specially formulated for kittens
  • Contains vitamins, minerals and Taurine
  • Made from milk and milk derivatives


  • Becomes grainy if it is mixed with boiling water

KMR – Kitten Milk Replacer

Helping bring up a kitten can be a challenging experience but, in most cases, that challenge is largely on what the cat should fit. This cat milk should help solve that. It is designed to have the same calorie pattern as the maternal mild and also has other nutrients like fat, protein and carbohydrates that are essential to the growth and development of the cat.  The formula is best used as a supplement in post-surgery or convalescence and is very easy to digest and kind to the cat’s stomach. The formula is easy to mix, and you are almost guaranteed that your kitten will love it. It is built for kittens that are younger than six weeks.


  • Easy to digest
  • Its formula resembles the queen’s milk
  • Plenty of nutrients to foster growth and development in the kitten
  • Proper packaging to conserve freshness


  • Is designed to be used by cats that are less than 6 weeks old

Cimicat Milk Substitute for Cats

Just like cat milk, milk replacers for cats are just as essential and care should be taken to make sure that you make the right choice on behalf of your cat. A cat milk replacer is what the young cat is going to know as its primary source of food and nutrients for some time to come and you can’t afford to get it wrong.

Because they are made for orphan kittens, you need a formula that capable of helping you hand rear the kittens from bath. If it can nourish cats of an older age, that would be a big plus as well. For some like the Cimicat, they can also be a great source of nutrients to help the lactating queen and help her boost her supply of maternal milk.  The Cimicat also contains taurine which is essential to the growth of the cat.

No matter how well the formula is blended, if the cat does not like the taste, they will probably not take the milk. The Cimicat is highly palatable and easily digestible offering quick recovery and a healthy cat in no time.

Unlike most cat milk replacers, this particular cat milk replacer is made with cats of all ages in mind. You can use it on your kittens or on the nursing queen to help rejuvenate her energy.


  • Ideal for cats of all ages
  • Packed with nutrients including taurine to guard against weight loss
  • Very palatable
  • Easy to digest even for kittens
  • Very easy to mix


  • Could use better packaging

Bottom line

Milk and milk replacers form a very vital part of your cat’s growth curve and you should make every effort that they don’t miss out on the goodness and nutrients that each of these products have to offer. From a tender age, you should try your best to find cat milk and milk replacers that your cat loves and make them part of their diet.

Even for cats that are usually fed on a raw diet, you can introduce cat milk as a treat that you give to the car once in a while.