Best Cat Litter Scoops

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It is true our cats do not trouble us as much as our dogs or other pets. We do not take them out for walks as much as we do with other pets. We provide them with automatic feeders, great litter boxes, etc. They are more independent and not a bother for us most times.

It seems though that the only thing we really need to do for these feline friends is the cleaning and emptying of the cat litter from their litter boxes. Whether you flush your litter, compost it, or dispose of it in the bin, you’ll need a good scoop to easily get it out of the tray.

Let’s get hands on with the best cat litter scoops

If you have read our article on the best cat litter boxes, you will know they must be accompanied with a litter scoop. But before buying a cat litter scoop, certain factors must be taken into consideration. But before we talk about those factors, let us quickly review some of the best cat litter scoops that many cat owners are choosing.

Lictin Cat Litter Scoop – Best Metal Cat Litter Scoop

This litter scoop is made of cast aluminium, and it is very easy to use. It is ideal for any type of litter boxes that you have-even large clumps. It is the perfect size for getting into corners and taking large clumps. The pet litter scoop also makes cleaning easier, in spite of its large size, it is extremely lightweight (only 230g). The way it is made makes it very easy to reach every corner of the litter box.

The material from which it is made will guarantee that it will not break, flick or bend. It is durable, affordable, and easy to use.

The long handle makes it comfortable to hold and easy to grip and keep your hand out of the soiled litter.

Some of it’s features are summarized below:

  • Helps you to easily remove large clumps and clean the litter box vigorously (really scrape the sides and bottom)
  • Keeps your home more sanitary and prevent bad odours from lingering too long
  • Finishes cleaning the litter box fast with this litter scooper and get back to your life
  • Lightweight and jumbo size
  • Comfortable grip and Anti-scatter sides

Trixie Cat Litter Scoop

Although is it made of pure plastic, this cat litter scoop is sturdy and has a good size. The holes could be a little bigger but it does its job. A major advantage of it coming in plastic form is that it is very cheap to get. It is as well lightweight.


  • Plastic litter scoop
  • Fresh and easy pearl
  • For silicate gel litter
  • Highly affordable


  • Holes may be a little bigger than expected.
  • If not handled carefully, it can break.
  • It is also vital to clean it and keep after each usage.

Kerbl Litter Spoon, Assorted Colours

Although this litter scoop may look fragile, it comes in a good size and it is very flexible. It is big enough to sift the litter through and not so small that you have to get your hands dirty. It scoops perfectly as the holes are not too big. And if you enjoy different seeing different colours, this cat litter scoop is just for you as there are different colours you can choose from.


  • It is very cheap
  • Lightweight as it is made from plastic material
  • Handle long enough to avoid staining your hands.


  • There are litter scoops with smaller holes in the market
  • Very fragile

Cat Litter Scoop with stand

Regardless of whether the clumps are large or small, this cat litter can scoop very effectively and can be easily cleaned after use. You do not need to worry about cleanliness whilst storing it as it comes with its own stand.

It is very strong and convenient to use.

Summarized features are:

  • Plastic litter scoop
  • Stand is easy to clean with a removable base
  • This product can clean up any size of the clumps, because of its unique design, you do not have to worry about the clumps size caused a series of trouble.


Remember we talked earlier about the factors to consider when considering which option to go for?  They are:

  • The shape of the Litter scoop
  • The size of the holes
  • The material
  • The length of the handle
  • The type of litter

So feel free to use these criteria, as well as the list above in making your decision on which scoop to buy.