Best Play Tunnels for Cats

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Cats are undisputedly the luckiest pets in the world. There are so many toys and items for them to play with including play towers, tree houses, play tunnels and artificial mice. The play tunnels have become a favourite among cat lovers, and they are useful because;

  • They help the cats to exercise as they run through the tunnels. This ensures the cats remain healthy and fit and also fewer trips to the vet.
  • They help the cats to pass time since cats get bored quickly and the tunnels help to occupy their tiny minds.
  • They are just fun to play with as the cats love hiding in the tunnels.
  • It’s a cool way to distract your cat when you have guests around who are allergic to cats.
  • Cat tunnels reduce cat fur from spreading everywhere in the house. The tunnel helps keep the cat in one section of the house.

Best Cat Tunnel Reviews

There are many different brands of cat tunnels available in the UK, and we have picked out our best tunnels for cats that will keep your cats entertained for longer.

Me & My Pets Cat Play Tunnel – Army Print

This tunnel is top of the list since it can also be used by other small pets such as guinea pigs and rabbits.

It is very lightweight therefore ideal if you love traveling with your cat and it also folds quickly allowing for secure storage when moving. It is 25cm in diameter, and it comes with two dangling balls to keep your cat entertained at all times. There are two peep holes and be sure to find your cat in one of them.

PAWZ Road Cat tunnel with two holes

If your cats are big and you are worried that they won’t fit in the tunnels, fear not. This tunnel is one of the best tunnels for large adult cats, and there will be plenty of room for them. Some clients purchased it and gave positive reviews of their adult cats being able to fit in the tunnels easily.

It is made of sturdy materials that can withstand all the scratching and at times biting from the cats as they play. The length is a bit longer compared to other brands in the market which makes the cats love it even more.

In case you find your cat missing during feeding time, be sure to find it in the long tunnel. The peepholes ensure your cats don’t suffocate inside the tunnels and they can come up for air as often as they need. It is made in such a way that it retracts easily making it portable.

Cat Tunnel With Toy Feather – Collapsible

Tunnels are some of the best indoor toys especially during the rainy season, and this indoor tunnel will ensure your cat does not get bored at all. It is ideal for large cats, and it is so spacious that your cat can easily turn around without straining or getting stuck.

Cat owners who purchased it before ended up loving it or rather their cats loved it. When the cats aren’t busy running in and out of the tunnel, they can also rest inside the tunnel and even take a nap.

It is effortless to maintain it, and the resistant polyester material ensures it does not tear when the cats are playing with it. The unique feature of this tunnel is the feather dangler that keeps the cats active as they try to grab it. This ends up being perfect exercise since the cats end up flexing and stretching their muscles.

Lauva Fun Run Cat Tunnel With Catnip Toy

The crinkly and crackly material that is used to make this tunnel is what makes it a favourite among many clients. The cats can’t simply get enough of it, and in addition to that, there is a dangling ball attached to one of the ends for them to play with and a peephole on top. It is also ideal for a small rabbit.

The size is large enough for the cats to pass through and it is very easy to clean. If you have a fussy and aggressive cat, you should give this toy a chance. The sturdy material will withstand any scratching from the cat and will time they will become receptive to it and start enjoying running through the tunnels.

Ancol Acticat Cat Play Tunnel

This tunnel is unique in the sense that it is Y shape which makes it different from the two-way tunnel. Although it also has three openings, it is not similar in shape to the three-way tunnel. It is recommended for cats, guinea pigs, and rabbits too.

Its crackly, material is what fascinates the pets the most as they run through the tunnel. It can easily fit adult cats and rabbits but not too large. You don’t want your pets getting stuck inside. The arms are also quite long (50cm) which make sure your cats have maximum fun as they play in the tunnel. This is also an excellent form of exercise, especially for the inactive indoor cats.

Hengfey 3-way Collapsible Cat Tunnel

This tunnel is the best deal for large cats of up to 7kgs. Having a large cat doesn’t mean that they can’t have fun too. The three-way tunnel is big enough for the cats to manoeuvre and the sturdy outer material efficiently ensures that it does not collapse on the cats and it stays intact.

The only downside to this tunnel is that it is not long compared to other tunnels in the market, but regardless of that, it is an excellent toy for your cat to play with. It does not occupy much space so you can easily place it in any part of the house.

In conclusion

Cat tunnels are a fun way to keep the cats busy and happy at the same time. However, make sure you go through all the details of the cat tunnel you would like to have before purchasing it.

This will prevent you from buying the wrong cat tunnel in terms of size, the material used to make it and design. For a single cat, the two-way tunnel will be okay, and for multiple cats, the three-way tunnels are the best.