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Most outdoor cats cherish the time they spend outdoors, and cat harnesses can help keep your cat safe from any potential hazards such as getting knocked down by a car. However, the challenge comes in choosing the best cat harness for your cat.

There are two categories of cat harness; the leads and the jackets/vests. Leads are recommended for calm, easy going cats that are not fussy while the vests are preferred for adventurous cats who may try to escape when you are out with them. They offer more coverage to your cat, and they are more secure compared to leads.

Our Top Rated Cat Harness

We’ve picked out our highest rated cat harness from the reviews in this guide. You can view a full breakdown of our reviews further down this guide.

Overall Best Cat Harness

BINGPET Escape Proof Cat Harness and Leash - Adjustable Soft Mesh Holster Style - Best for Kitten Walking

BINGPET Escape Proof Cat Harness

This cat harness by BINGPET comes out as our top pick. The harness itself is substantial, offering support without restricting your cats movement, and is made of a soft mesh to help regulate your cats temperature. We love how this harness fits our cats – its very secure, and difficult to break out of, whilst being comfortable and padded for our cats.

Our Rating: 5/5

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What to Look For When Choosing a Cat Harness

When it comes to a cat harness, the four most important factors you should always consider as a cat owner are:

  • Is it comfortable for your cat?
  • Does it fit well? (make sure to measure your cat)
  • Is the harness escape proof?
  • Will your cat be safe with the harness on and will you be comfortable and confident walking your cat with the harness on

Best Cat Harness Reviews

We have reviewed our top cat harness picks. Most come with a leash or lead ready for you to take your cat for a walk.

1) BINGPET Escape Proof Cat Harness

BINGPET Escape Proof Cat Harness and Leash - Adjustable Soft Mesh Holster Style - Best for Kitten Walking

Our Rating: 5/5

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This is one of the best cat harnesses in the market, and it is available in 3 different sizes to ensure a snug fit for any cat. The simple black design will make sure your cat is looking sharp when out on its walk, but it also comes in pink, red, tartan or pink spotted!

This cat harness is made with a soft mesh material that will ensure your cat doesn’t overheat when warm. It is comfortable, very easy to fit and adult cats will have an easy time using it. There is a strong stitching around the D- ring where the lead is attached, and this ensures your cat won’t be able to run away.

When unpacking the harness you can feel the quality, with added padding around the neck, and very strong clips. It feels far more substantial than the other harnesses and also slightly more soft and flexible. It was very easy to fit on our cat and had a flexible neck attachment that felt the most secure. Overall this harness fitted the best to our cats, and was stretchy to fit, but secure enough that they wouldn’t escape. We didn’t use the lead as we prefer a retractable one, but you would be able to use it for a short walk.

This cat harness is triple sewn for additional strength which helps secure your cat. It is also machine washable, and it’s made of high-quality fabric that won’t shrink. With this cat jacket, you can comfortably take a stroll with your cat outside without any fear of them escaping.

2) Toulifly Cat Harness

Toulifly Cat Harness, Kitten and Puppy Universal Harness with Leash Set, Escape Proof Soft Mesh Adjustable Vest Harnesses, Cat Vest Harness with Reflective Strap (S)

Our Rating: 4.5/5

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Made of breathable and lightweight breathable air mesh, the Toulifly cat harness is a great quality vest harness. We found the vest to be excellent quality and difficult for cats to escape due to the vest style design.

This cat harness comes with a short lead that is perfect for taking your cat for a short walk or letting them explore new surroundings. It has reflective strips so will be suitable for night time use, and has a safety belt to keep your cat protected when using it.

When unpacking the harness you can feel it is high quality, and thinner than the Bingpet competition. This would be a good option for cats that get hot in the summer months or need something slightly lighter due to their weight. The wrap around attachment is safe and secure but we didn’t find it as secure as the Bingpet version when testing on our cats.

Overall, we think this is a great value harness that your cat will look extremely fashionable in whilst strolling the streets!

3) Rabbitgoo Cat Harness and Leash

rabbitgoo Cat Harness and Lead Set, Escape Proof Kitten Harness with Cat Leash Metal Ring, Lightweight Soft, Reflective Adjustable Vest Harnesses for Small Cat Walking Travel S, Purple

Our Rating: 4.5/5

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Coming in 7 different colours, this harness is guaranteed to look good on any cat! Coming in black, pink, red, purple, blue, green and yellow and with a simple H style harness, this vest is great for smaller cats.

The harness is fully adjustable with 2 snap side buckles and 4 adjustable straps meaning it is guaranteed to fit your small cat well. It comes with an attachable leash and is made from a breathable air mesh that will control your cats temperature whilst you’re out exploring together.

When unpacking the harness it is definitely the most lightweight of the options we tested. It is the most adjustable of all of the harnesses and comes well padded. We preferred the two previous harnesses due to the neck attachment feeling more substantial on our cats, and therefore felt safer and less likely to escape. If your cat needs a tighter harness, this is definitely the most versatile, and you can tighten the straps as much as needed to ensure there is little room for escape.

4) Trixie 41960 Cat Set of Harness & Lead

Trixie 41893 Cat Set of Harness and Lead for Large Cats Nylon Patterned 34 - 57 cm / 13 mm(Assorted Colors)

Our Rating: 4/5

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Just as the name suggests, this cat harness is meant for large cats. It comes with a leash, and it’s made from good quality material to handle strong cats of up to 6kgs and above. The price is fair compared to other cat harnesses in the market, and it has enough room to make your cat comfortable.

It’s easy to adjust, and the snap buckles help to secure your cat firmly but safely. If your cat is not yet used to having a harness on, you can distract them by giving them some treats. You can then put the harness on as they munch on the treats. This lead harness is very easy to use compared to a jacket which may give you a hard time trying to get your cat in it.

5) Trixie XL Cat Harness with Leash

Trixie Cat Harness Large, Random color

Our Rating: 4/5

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If your cat is large, you most probably have encountered difficulties in getting a good harness for them. The large cats need a sturdy harness that will be able to restrain them safely and still allow them the comfort of moving around with ease.

This cat harness is the best deal for you not to mention the low price. It is effortless to adjust, and the plastics clips are firm which helps to make it sturdy and escape proof. The fitting is perfect, and it can comfortably fit cats of all sizes regardless of their weight.

This is the best cat harness if you recently relocated to a new place and you would like to take your cat out for the first time. The secure hold will ensure your cat does not escape and both of you will have a fun time exploring the new neighbourhood.

However, be extra vigilant of your cat’s reactions.  Cats like humans too also need time to adjust to a new environment. Some cats may get frightened by the busy roads and hooting especially if you relocated from a place that was calm and relaxed. You should be patient with your cat and help them adapt to the new environment.

Cat Harness Buyers Guide

Buying a cat harness can be difficult if your cat hasn’t ever worn one before. We’ve explored the key things you should consider when finding the perfect harness. 


Most importantly of all, a cat harness will only work for your cat if it is comfortable and fits correctly. Take care and use precision when measuring the size of your cat as this will impact how freely your cat will be able to move in the harness and more importantly, whether it can break free. 

Generally harnesses are measured using the circumference of your cat from behind your cats front legs, up and over your cat’s shoulder blades. Harnesses may also use a front measurement that will measure from your cat’s breastbone (in front of their front legs) and up over their shoulder blades. 

When measuring your cat, try to keep the tape measure fairly tight with little room for manoeuvre. When you fit your cat’s harness, it is considered to fit well if there is room for one or two of your fingers to fit between the harness and your cat.   

The Harness Style

Cats will react differently to different harness styles. We prefer to use vest harnesses as these are generally more difficult to escape and therefore safer for us and our cats.

Vest Harness

We find vest harnesses to be the most secure harnesses and the best option for cats who frequently look to escape. Look for a harness that is made from a mesh type material that will help regulate your cats temperature whilst having material close to their fur. 

H Style Harness

The most basic of harnesses, the H shape simply wraps in front and behind your cats front legs and is fastened on your cats back. The H style harnesses can be tightened well and are flexible so are generally difficult to escape from. They are less constricting on your cat, which it may prefer to a vest. 

Step in Harness

A step in harness is simply that – a harness, that has two holes inside, that your cats front legs step into. Once in, you fasten the harness on your cats back. This prevents you needing to place the harness over your cats head, but they are generally considered the easiest to escape.

Training your cat to use a harness

Cats are funny animals and often react badly when they are quickly introduced to new things without having time to get accustomed with them. 

When training your cat with a harness, you must first allow the cat time to inspect and sniff it within its safe space. We recommend leaving the harness out next to your cats food or favourite sleep spot, and rewarding your cat with treats as it gradually interacts with the harness.

Once your cat has had some time to get used to the harness, you can begin introducing your cat to wearing it. You should first try to stroke your cat and gradually stroke it with the harness, or place it on your cats back as it sits on your lap. If your cat sits patiently with the harness, or doesn’t get startled, you should reward it with treats and strokes. 

Once your cat has reacted positively, it is time to get your cat into the harness to wear it around the house. Be very gentle with your cat as you get the harness in place, and don’t worry too much about tightening it whilst you get your cat used to it. Once on, you should praise your cat with treats and leave them in it for 10-15 minutes before removing it. You can gradually increase this time, and also look to let them into the garden or outside with the harness on to get them used to it. 

Finally, once your cat is comfortable with the harness, you can look to attach a lead. You may want to get your cat used to the lead in your house before taking it outside for the first time. When you are ready, you should let your cat explore the outdoors on their own. Don’t pull them, or plan specific walks as your cat will likely feel most comfortable when close to home. As they get more experienced, they will get more adventurous!

As with most things, the key to success with a harness is patience and perseverance. Be gentle, and try to make every experience a positive one by using treats to reward your cat.

In conclusion

Cats quickly get bored and taking them out regularly for a walk is a good practice. It will be an excellent time to bond with your cat as they feed their curiosity on what else is outside the house. It is also a good way of exposing your cat to different environments and people.

If your cat is overweight, you can help them burn excess fat by taking them for a stroll regularly. This will be an excellent way to boost their metabolism, and they will be in excellent shape within a short period. You just need to buy a good cat harness, and you are good to go.