Best Cat Litter Bins

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Keeping a cat in your home is wonderful but disposing of their litter just doesn’t inspire the same feeling. Cats are super fastidious creatures who love to keep their spaces clean. Your home also needs to stay clean and odour free, but that shouldn’t require lots of effort on your part.

Once you purchase the best cat litter bin, disposing of cat litter need not be a headache anymore. There are hundreds of products out there, but which one gives you the desired outcome that you expect to get from a cat litter bin? 

What to Consider When Buying Cat Litter Bins

You need to look for a product that will keep you home clean and odour free, as well as make cat litter disposal easier. The easier litter disposal is for you, the more time and energy you will have to enjoy your cat. That’s why it is crucial to understand some details about a good litter bin before purchasing one. Here are some things you should consider:

  • Hygiene is the number one priority for a cat litter bin. Think about if you want a bin that opens manually or is foot operated so that you have minimal contact with it.
  • Look for a litter bin that will keep odours trapped inside.  A good litter bin will not create a stinky room.
  • Consider the size of the size of the bin for storage and how much it will hold.  This can be especially important if you have many cats.

Best Cat Litter Bin Reviews

1. LitterLocker Fashion 10400 Cat Litter Disposal Bucket

This litter bin is ideal thanks to its unique design that has a handle for stability while you’re keeping odours out of your home. The cassette integrated into the LitterLocker is ingenious. You can open and close the cassette to contain smells and germs when the bin is not in use, which adds an additional layer of protection to the lid. This product also has a latch on the side of the container to keep the lid secure, making sure nothing gets in or out. The container is easy to clean and and holds enough cat litter for one cat for two weeks. The container itself comes in 5 different designs allowing you to pick the best for your décor!

Key Features

  • It’s easy to clean.
  • Easy to use and effective
  • It includes a slidable cassette to contain smells and germs
  • It comes in 5 different designs
  • It comes in a compact size for storage.

2. PetFusion PF-LC1A Portable Cat Litter Disposal

The PetFusion PF-LC1A Portable Cat Litter Disposal is a fairly basic cat litter bin with a simple locking handle lid and deodoriser.  The litter deodorizer is built into the lid and the lid itself is air tight once locked (using the handle) which helps to effectively prevent the spread of smells. The litter bin comes with ten biodegradable bags, but you can use your own bags (biodegradable or not) once these have run out. 

Key Features

  • A handle locks lid closed and odours in. It also makes moving the bin easier.
  • Has a removable bucket for an easy cleaning option.
  • It is self-deodorizing as it comes with a carbon filter under the lid.
  • Can hold up to two weeks’ worth of waste for less emptying.
  • The bin is hand-opened for better control.

3. Innovative Pet Waste Bin For Cat Litter

The Innovative Pet Waste Bin is a wonderful choice for a litter bin to get your cat. It is made of durable plastic material, which makes it easy to clean and maintain. The litter bin is pedal operated and has a spring closed lid to trap odours in. The litter bin is triple protected to help prevent the spread of odours, and the front of the bin opens to make for easy cleaning and disposal. This litter bin also comes with a replacement bag and a scoop so you can start using it right away.

Key Features

  • It has a step-on opening.
  • Comes with a scoop and a bag to make clean up easy.
  • It has a large capacity.
  • Has a lid that traps any odours within the bin keeping your house smelling fresh all the time.

4. Cat Litter Disposal Bin

Just like the other litter bins, this product is made of plastic that is durable and can stand the test of time with good use. It has a triple seal to keep odours in. It’s lightweight at only 2.5 kg and is larger than other bins available. This bin also comes with a scoop, which is handy for cleaning out your cat’s litter.

Key Features

  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry.
  • The bin has a peddle for hands-free opening.
  • This bin comes with a scoop for easy cleaning.
  • It’s triple-sealed for freshness.

Benefits of Using a Cat Litter Bin

Easier Waste Clean-up

A cat litter bin is beneficial to contain odours and reducing trips outside. Easier clean up leads to more frequent clean up. This means your cat won’t scatter as much litter since their litter is clean. There’s no reason to delay cleaning your cat’s litter for time constrains or poor weather.

Odour Free Home

The cat litter bin helps to keep your house free from odours since you can quickly clean up your cat litter and the bin traps odours inside. Some of these bins come fitted with a carbon filter which helps to keep odours at bay. Additionally, others are self-deodorizing; it will be hard to believe you have a litter bin in your house.

Healthy Hygiene

The crucial bit for getting a litter bin is hygiene. You are able to keep your cat’s litter clean – a service your cat will enjoy. Good hygiene will prevent diseases and also promote a healthy environment in your home for yourself, guests, and family.  Not only does this benefit you and your cat, it benefits everyone in your home.

Buyer’s Guide for Cat Litter Bins

So what should you keep in mind as you shop around for a cat litter bin? Here are the top things to guide you as you buy your kitty a litter bin.

Odour Control

How does the bin promise to keep odours in and not out? Look for bins that come with a seal or a self-deodorizing feature to avoid the build-up of odours in your home. 

Size and Shape

Consider getting a litter bin that will be just the right size and shape for your home. Think about where your litter bin will go and if there are any size constraints.

Ease of Use

The litter bin you settle on should be easy for you to use. It should also be easy to open and easy to empty. Decide if you want a bin that has a place to keep your litter scoop.

Easy to Empty

Emptying a cat litter bin should be easy. If it comes with its own liners, even better. It should also be easy to replace the bags in the bin, whether they are custom or generic bags. Look for a product that makes the process of emptying and lining it easier.


Cats are playful pets and love to climb on things. The cat litter bin will have to stand up to a lot of this action over time if it is accessible to your cats, in addition to your use. Ensure that the bin you settle on is made of durable material that will stand the test of time and use.


While this should not be the overriding factor while looking for the best cat litter bin, it still plays a significant role. Settle on a bin that will tick all the boxes above, and that will fit your budget. You will be surprised by the many affordable options out there!


Consider how much you will move your litter bin and whether you want a handle. You may need to move the bin around the house for various reasons, such as cleaning under the bin or if you choose to take it outside to empty. A portable cat litter bin will have a strong handle that has a good grip and locks to keep the lid intact. 


A nicely shaped bin will look good in your house. Look for a bin that will complement the decor in your home. It’s also vital to settle on a bin that is designed to fit in small spaces without taking away its overall spacious quality.