Best Cat Treats and Snacks for Cats

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Every once in a while, we love to spoil our cats with a treat or a healthy snack. Just like you, they love being rewarded for being on their best behaviour and coming in when called.

We have researched and reviewed some of the most popular cat treats available in the UK. We have included most of the leading brands, and tried to include treats that fit all budgets.

Cat Treat Reviews

We have purchased and reviewed all treats in these reviews. All treats are widely available in the UK and available at most popular supermarkets and pet shops. Reviews are ordered with our highest rated products listed first.

1) Scrumbles Gnashers

Scrumbles Gnashers are our favourite crunchy cat treat. These treats are slightly smaller than their competition (8mm width) making them easier to crunch and chew. Gnashers are made to improve your cats dental hygiene, and are another healthy treat made from natural ingredients.

Scrumbles Gnashers also have a relatively low fat content compared to its competition (12.4%) which is combined with a very high 36.2% protein. These treats come out with an extremely healthy 34 kcal/100g which makes them great for overweight cats.

Gnashers are suitable for cats from 4 months old and come in a fully recyclable paper packaging.

2) Scrumbles Nibbles

Scrumbles Nibbles are our favourite softer treats that our cats absolutely love! Scrumbles Nibbles are a softer treat, that are easier to chew for older cats.

Scrumbles Nibbles have a much lower fat content compared to its competition (7.39%) which is combined with 17.9% protein from the chicken included in these treats. They are very high in moisture as they are made from natural ingredients and have been developed to improve your cats healthy gut (say goodbye to smelly poos!).

Scrumbles Nibbles come in completely plastic free packaging that is fully recyclable. 10% of Scrumbles profits go to pet charities too, so what better choice is there?!

3) Whiskas Dentabites

Whiskas Dentabites are one of the most popular cat treats on the market, and are a great choice to help reduce tartar build up on your cats teeth. The treats themselves are slightly larger than others tested (14mm width), and crunchier than most tested.

The treats are middle of the road with their nutritional benefit with 24% protein content and 11% fat content. The treats have 325 kcal/100g – with 50 grams of treats in each bag.

Each bag is resealable that means they are easy to keep fresh. Whiskas are widely available in most supermarkets and main stream pet shops and our cats enjoyed testing them – so much so that we’ve had to buy another bag!

4) Dreamies Cat Treats

Dreamies Cat Treats are another of the big brands in the cat treats world. Coming in numerous flavours (we reviewed Tuna, Chicken and Cheese) they have a flavour to suit all cats. We haven’t included the cheese flavour in our links as our cats didn’t like them, but they all have a very similar outer shell and texture.

Dreamies are very popular with most cats, but have a very high calorie count compared to the other treats tested (although they are still only 2 calories per treat!). The chicken flavour have 31% protein content, and a 21% fat content with 416 kcal/100g. The Tuna flavour have 22% protein content, and a 22% fat content with 408 kcal/100g.

Dreamies treats are suitable for cats from 8 weeks old, making them a great option for kittens, and their high fat content can help to supplement their growth.

Let’s wrap it up

These are some of the best treats that you can use to spoil your cat and remind them just how much they mean to you. Depending on what you know your cat loves eating, you can pick a similar treat. When making the choice, always make sure you don’t skimp on price and end up with treats that have additives and preservatives or grains. We prefer to go for a healthier treat with low fat content to keep our cats healthy (and to allow us to treat them more than usual!).