Best Cat Backpacks

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Do you love hiking, cycling, or do you need to take your cat to the vet on public transport? Then why not give a cat backpack a try as a more agile and comfortable alternative to a traditional cat carrier.

A cat backpack is becoming increasingly popular as cat owners are now aware of its benefit. Taking a walk with your cat in a backpack will keep him from getting bored, and that will keep it from scratching your sofa while you are away. Your cat will remain close to you while enjoying the sights and sounds along your adventure path. A cat backpack will provide your cat with appropriate ventilation, security, and an extensive viewing range.

What to Consider When Buying a Cat Backpack

There are a few things to consider before purchasing your cat backpack.

  • You need to check the backpack storage capability before you go to buy one. Think about how much of your stuff, like books, a tablet, or water bottles, it will accommodate. Not all cat backpacks have much additional storage spaces.
  • You need to be sure that the cat backpack you buy is comfortable. Some packs are only best for hiking, some are good for travelling, and some are good for all adventures. You need to know that carrying your cat should be as comfortable as possible. Especially if your cat is larger, they will need more space to move, and you will need more support when wearing them.
  • Not all cat backpacks have the same visibility. Some offer greater visibility for your cat than others. Get a bag that will give your cat a better view so that they can enjoy the adventure.
  • You should know that your cat’s backpack will naturally wear and tear. It should be strong enough to protect your cat and your belongings and last for some years to get your full money’s worth. Some cat backpacks even come with scratch resistance surfaces for the product to be durable.

Best Cat Backpacks Reviews

Carrying your cat with a backpack is quite an exciting experience. This will help reduce the stress that the average hand carriers usually give. Cat backpacks are much easier to carry and are more practical for trips and adventures. You can choose from the best cat backpacks described below and provide your cat with an enjoyable experience whenever you go on an adventure.

1. PetAmi Deluxe Pet Backpack

The PetAmi Deluxe pet backpack is the best choice for hiking. This product caters to your cat’s needs while you’re on an adventure together. It has a resilient non-collapsible structure to ensure your cat’s safety at all times. This product has a front pocket and a pouch on each side where you can tuck in a few essentials for you or your cat.

Key Features

  • It’s airline approved
  • Made with heavy-duty polyester construction
  • Has dual entry points
  • It has a water dish
  • It has extra lining for your cat’s comfort

2. Petsfit Comfort Cat Backpack

The Petsfit cat backpack is made with a combination of high-quality leather and an eco-friendly EVA material. This has resulted in making the backpack to be sturdy and resilient. The Petsfit cat backpack usually holds its shape no matter how squirmy your cat gets. It has a sturdy bottom that keeps your cat in place no matter the situation. This product has several rubberized mesh windows for maximum airflow and visibility.

Key Features

  • It can accommodate cats weighing up to 15 pounds
  • Has heavy-duty zippers
  • Waist and chest straps for better support
  • It has a removable liner for easy cleaning
  • Reflective strips for improved visibility at night

3. PetAmi Premium Pet Backpack

The PetAmi Premium backpack is airline-approved making it possible for your cat to fly with you. The cat backpack comes in seven different colours, and it’s suitable for cats weighing up to eight pounds. This product comes with a cute water dish, which will help to quench your cat’s thirst when necessary.

Key Features

  • Sturdy base pad and a soft lining
  • It has four mesh windows for maximum airflow
  • It comes with a water dish
  • Has adjustable chest and waist buckles for support
  • It has a collapsible design for easy storage when not in use

4. Texsens Breathable Mesh Cat Backpack

Texsens breathable mesh backpack looks like an ordinary bag, but it can carry a fifteen-pound cat. This backpack is very light on the shoulders, and you can easily slide your seat belt through its top handle when driving. It comes with chest buckles, which help to keep the backpack in place during any adventure.

Key Features

  • It has a wide mesh entrance
  • Perfect for either small and medium cats
  • Has adjustable shoulder straps
  • It can be easily maintained
  • Has a hook that is suitable for your car’s seat belt

5. Pecute Cat Backpack/Carrier

The Pecute cat backpack has a large amount of room for your pet to get comfortable. It is lightweight and made from premium materials, making it robust. There are multiple entrances for your cat so that it can choose its preferred entry method. There is also a fun cat tunnel, perfect for water breaks and stretching your cat’s legs without letting the cat out of the bag. It has ventilation meshing made of rubber, defeating those exploring kitten claws.

Key Features

  • Fun cat tunnel added for play when not on your back
  • Expandable, waterproof, and easily cleaned
  • Plenty of ventilation and all-round visibility
  • It has a chest clip helping with stability when carrying your cat
  • It comes with a removable bottom for your pet to sit comfortably

6. Kurgo Cat Backpack

The Kurgo cat backpack is a premium choice because it is suitable for small cats and dogs. The backpack functions more like a traditional hiking backpack and can double as your daily backpack when you’re not taking your cat on a hike with you. It means that when your cat is in the main section, there are plenty of other compartments for your stuff too. The Kurgo cat backpack usually comes with a hassle-free lifetime warranty if it doesn’t stand up to the use you and your cat give it.

Key Features

  • Dual-purpose cat backpack carrier and hiking pack
  • Interior swivel latch to secure your cat
  • Padded design with lots of interior storage pockets
  • Machine-washable interior pad
  • Stain-resistant and easy to wipe clean

7. Lemonda Cat Bubble Backpack

Lemonda cat backpack is like a space capsule for your cat, with a huge bubble window and oversized ventilation grommets. This pack will make your cat be the centre of attention because they are sure to get noticed. The Lemonda cat backpack is made of a moulded acrylic panel with a robust canvas backing and has a lovely velvet pad inside to make your cat comfortable during your travels.

Key Features

  • Available in a range of colours
  • The top-mounted handle provides several carry options
  • Best for small cats
  • Built-in lock to prevent the pet from running away
  • Large ventilation holes on the side of the bag

Benefits of Having a Cat Backpack

The following are some of the benefits of buying a backpack for your cat: 

  • A backpack is much more convenient, unlike strollers or leashes.
  • A backpack helps you avoid straining parts of your body because it evenly distributes your pet’s weight on both shoulders, giving you freedom of movement as your hands are free.
  • Your cat backpack will provide your cat with a better view, unlike regular bags, since they are higher above the ground than a leash or stroller.
  • A backpack won’t move a lot, unlike a regular handheld carrier that swings or jerk around each time you take a step. Even if you’re walking on a rocky road, your cat will still enjoy a safe and comfortable adventure.
  • A backpack will make you look cool, and with your cat in it makes it unique. And when people see you, you’ll be the talk of the town in the best way possible.

Buyers Guide for a Cat Backpack

Your choice of cat backpack should be roomy enough for your cat, provide proper ventilation, and hold your cat securely. Here are a few things to consider when picking a backpack for your cat:

Bubble vs Carrier Bag

These are the two main types of cat backpacks for sale; the bubble backpack and the more traditional carrier backpack. 

The bubble backpacks usually have a hard-shell exterior made of high-quality polycarbonate with a lookout bubble for cats. These look more futuristic; and provide a clear viewing area for your cat to look out and for people to look at your cat. They are more eye-catching, that is for sure. 

The carrier backpacks have stood the test of time and are durable; they also give your cat a large viewing area. This product is suitable for hiking, walking, and adventure. The carrier bags are a thick, high-quality oxford fabric and of a durable woven blend. They have mesh-covered windows that allow your cat to look around and also provide proper ventilation. Most of the time, the carrier bags are used when you want to travel.

Backpack Size

It’s better to choose a backpack that will give your cat enough room that they can turn around and stand without any stress. And you have to make sure that the backpack is sturdy enough at the base so that it will be able to support your cat’s weight. Most cat backpacks have weight limit recommendations. Make sure you weigh your cat before you make a purchase.

Material Quality

There are various cat backpacks out there, but you should construct your choice of durable and quality materials. You have to check the stitching and some pivotal points like the shoulder straps and the backpack’s bottom. Confirm the quality of the seam before you make a purchase. You would hate for the backpack straps to fail, and your cat slips and fall off your back. 

Ergonomic Support

Understand that you’ll be wearing a backpack for an extended period. Look for a product designed to take off the pressure at your cervical and lumbar spine. Some backpacks include a chest strap to help distribute the weight and stabilize the load on your back. You have to check and make sure all these additional features are there before purchasing your choice backpack, as you cannot add them later.


Ventilation is the most crucial feature to consider because the backpack will be holding your precious cat. You’ll have to make sure your choice backpack provides proper ventilation for your cat at all times. Most cat backpacks have multiple mesh openings that allow air to pass in and out.


While budgets will vary, try to get the best quality within your budget. There are many options for you and your feline friend to choose from. Also, stretch your budget and look for fun features or add ons like a cat tunnel or cute matching water dish.