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If you are planning on keeping rabbits, one of the key decisions you need to make is on which rabbit hutch to buy. A hutch will be your rabbits main living space and will be its safe outdoor habitat. The best rabbit hutch should provide your rabbit with adequate space to hop, jump, eat, sleep, and comfortably live their lives; whilst being easy to clean and access for you.

In this guide we have reviewed the best rabbit hutches available on the market, and run through the key considerations you should make when buying one.

Best Rabbit Hutch Reviews

We’ve researched and reviewed the top rabbit hutches available in the UK.

1. 6ft Chartwell Double Luxury Rabbit Hutch – Best Large Rabbit Hutch

6ft Chartwell Hutch (Double)

Our Rating: 5/5

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When it comes to rabbits hutches, size matters, and that is one of the main reasons why this Chartwell rabbit hutch comes out at the top of our rankings. This rabbit hutch is by far the best large rabbit hutch on the market and provides your rabbits with ample space to sleep and exercise. The double layer design keeps the sleep compartment separate from the main rabbit run, with a simple folding door making it possible to contain the rabbits in either section tier during cleaning.

The rabbit hutch measures 176cm in length and 65cm deep. In total, the hutch is 130cm high, but each tier has an excellent head clearance of over 50cm, making it perfect for a hopping bunny. From our research, this hutch is roomiest hutch available on the market, and towers over leading competition, giving your rabbits the space they require to move around and exercise. The hutch front is made using a fox free wire, and provides an excellent mix of natural light and protection from the elements in the winter.

The hutch has excellent accessibility with 4 large doors, and a simple cleaning bar at the base of the top tier to make sweeping out any used sawdust or faeces super easy. The hutch is UK manufactured and is delivered flat packed (it normally takes 2 adults around an hour to build). The hutch can be combined with a Chartwell run that fits onto the front of the hutch to extend it further if you have more than a couple of rabbits.

Why we like it

  • Space – it provides our rabbits with the most space to exercise and be happy
  • It comes with two levels that are easily blocked up for cleaning
  • It can accommodate multiple rabbits
  • The build quality is excellent and it can be extended if needed
  • A hutch cover is available for purchase separately

2. Feel Good UK Bunny Ark Hutch & Run

FeelGoodUK Rabbit Hutch, 150 x 100 x 66 cm

Our Rating: 4.5/5

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Coming out second on our list is the Feel Good Ark hutch and run that offers a combination of a raised hutch and rabbit run. This hutch has a big run below the sleeping area to allow the rabbit enough space to stretch, play, and hop around during the day. At cutely, we prefer to have the hutch raised above the run as the movement of going up and down the ramp adds a different level of exercise and muscle use for rabbits.

The run on the base measures 150cm by 66cm and has ample head room for a hopping bunny with a slanted roof. The highest point of the hutch measures 1 metre in height, and the hutch itself is a cube measuring 66cm x approximately 60cm which is big enough for multiple small to medium sized rabbits.

The unit comes with two access doors, one for the sleeping area and another for the run area. In addition, the sleeping area is covered with quality wood to ensure that the pet does not suffer winter cold. This product’s edges are sanded, jointed, and rounded to avoid the risk of the rabbit getting injured. The addition of a slide-out tray beneath the sleeping area makes for easy and quick cleaning of the hutch and is excellent for cleaning any faeces.

Why we like it

  • High-quality product with good access for cleaning
  • A good sized length of run to allow your rabbit to move freely
  • A two tiered hutch with a separate run for exercise and excellent natural light
  • A simple sliding door on the hutch to keep your rabbits safe and away from the run at night time
  • You can buy a fitted rain cover to protect your rabbits from the worst of the elements

3. Feel Good UK Double Rabbit Hutch

Feel Good Large Rabbit Hutch 4ft Double Tier Hutch with Outdoor Rain Cover

Our Rating: 4.5/5

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This rabbit hutch has a beautiful double-deck design, making it look like one hutch placed on top of the other. It measures 120cm by 50cm by 140 cm, making it one of the larger runs we have reviewed. The hutch is made of wood that’s treated with a water-based environment friendly and animal-friendly for durability. In addition, this hutch is covered with sturdy wire all-round to keep the pet inside and protect it from predators. 

Feel Good UK double rabbit hutch comes with a rain cover, so you don’t have to buy it separately. It protects the little one during the cold British months and also makes the habitat more durable. The lower compartment has a full-sized run. Edges are jointed, sanded, screwed, and glued together to protect the animal from scratch injuries.

The handles of this unit are newly designed into black twisting for enhanced protection. It has slide-out trays lined with removable plastic mats on both levels making it ideal for cleaning. The upper unit can be completely shut off at night to facilitate better sleep.

Why we like it

  • It comes in a double-deck design
  • It comes with a rain cover
  • Easy to clean
  • Makes efficient utilization of space

4. KCT Ancona – 4ft Large Wooden Rabbit Hutch

KCT Ancona - 4ft Large Wooden Rabbit Hutch with Extending Run

Our Rating: 5/5

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The KCT Ancona 4ft rabbit hutch comes in a double floor design and is equipped with upper separate sheltered sleeping quarters and a wide-open base run. The two floors have a ramp interconnection giving the pet easy access between the two sections. The run is extended to offer the animal more space for feeding, exercise, and going about its day. We love the added width of this run giving your rabbit real freedom and room to exercise.

This unit’s felted roof is made from high-quality wood. The wooden parts feature quality wood providing a healthy and safe environment for the pet. It comes with a sturdy hessian kind of material that is weatherproof. As such, your pet receives protection against extreme weather conditions. Its windows are covered using plastic panels with small holes for ventilation. These covers fit well in the unit and have zips for ease in attaching and detaching.

KCT Ancona 4ft rabbit hutch has large doors, which makes access to the inside easier. Its general measurements are 126cm by 88cm by 90 cm, but the sleeping quarters, lower run, cover, and upper-level sizes are different. In addition to rabbits, this hutch will also make a good home for guinea pigs and ferrets.

Why we like it

  • The large run at the base is great for exercise
  • Plastic panels on the windows have holes for ventilation
  • It has a ramp for easy access to both floors
  • Equipped with separate sleeping areas
  • Has big doors for easier access

5. COZY PET Rabbit Hutch 

Cozy Pet Rabbit Hutch/Hide/Run Guinea Pig House Ferret Cage Rabbit Hutches in Natural RH03N (We do not ship to The Channel Islands or IOW.)

Our Rating: 5/5

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COZY PET RH03C rabbit hutch can be used both indoors and outdoors, thanks to the practical design. The roof is made using Asphalt material, while the structure is made from fir wood, making it durable and effective in keeping the pet warm in winter and cool during summer. 

This hutch is the smallest we have reviewed and measures 92cm by 45cm by 81 cm, and has a small play area. Due to the minimal weight, you can easily move the unit around. The size of this hutch is so small that we would only consider this hutch for up to two small dwarf rabbits.

Why we like it

  • Ideal for all-weather use
  • It can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Ideal for use with small rabbits

Buyers Guide: Things to consider when choosing a rabbit hutch

Size. The size of a hutch determines whether it has enough space or it lives in a cramped environment. A tiny habitat can also expose your pet to injuries, and it might become stressed. Your choice of the right size of the home for your rabbit will be determined by how big the breed grows and how many you want to keep in it.

We think the best rabbit hutch design is a hutch that has two levels. The sleeping hutch is often up high which keeps their sleeping space separate from their run on the base, and going up and down the ramp uses more muscles and provides them with more exercise than a simple single level hutch. Look for a hutch that can be extended with a rabbit run if you are concerned about your hutch not being large enough.

Quality. A hutch is your rabbit’s primary outdoor home and they will likely use it for up to 10 years. The quality affects the kind of life your pet has. If poorly constructed, your pet will be exposed to harsh weather conditions and attacks by predators. Essential items to pay attention to is the quality of mesh, wood, and roof. To be safe, buy for verified sellers and stick to well-rated units.

Ease of Cleaning. Hygiene is important in a pet’s habitat. A good hatch should have an easy to clean design to save your energy and time. The easiest to clean are those with a slide-out tray with a grid on top of it. However, some don’t have this grid, which means that your pet will be walking around stepping on the mess.

Safety. Hutches come with latches, but not all are safe. Some lack security features and can be easily manipulated by predators. For enhanced safety, choose units with well-secured latches and add locks to ensure that no predator enters the habitat. The size of the mesh gaps should also be small to prevent any predators from gaining access to the hutch. We prefer a hutch to be able to be separated from a run at night to prevent any predators, or avoid any accidents in the dark.

Rabbit Hutch FAQs

What is the best outdoor hutch for a rabbit?

Our favourite rabbit hutch is the 6ft Chartwell Double Luxury Rabbit Hutch that we reviewed at the top of this guide, which is our best rabbit hutch and run combined. The hutch is the largest available on the market, and will provide an excellent home for multiple rabbits with ample room to hop and play. The hutch has excellent access for the owner, and a simple removable front for cleaning out droppings. Your rabbit can be securely tucked away at night using the folding hatch on the hutch, allowing you to restrict access to the run.

Is it cruel to keep rabbits in a hutch?

No! Rabbits need a safe place to live with plenty of room to move about. A hutch provides your rabbit with comfort, and a safe place to live and feel at home in. In the summer months you can often let your rabbit out during the day, leaving them safely in a run, or secure area to roam and explore.

What size rabbit hutch should I get?

There is no legal specified requirement for the size of a rabbit hutch, but Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund recommend that the ideal hutch should measure 3m x 2m x 1m high. This would allow your rabbit ample room to hop from one side to another.

At Cutely, we always think you should go with the largest that you can comfortably accommodate. We have included a range of the best rabbit hutches available on the market, all of which would be suitable for multiple rabbits to freely live in. We also recommend that your rabbit should frequently come out of its cage, whether to exercise in a larger rabbit run, or to be left to freely roam in a secure area.

How big should a hutch be for 2 rabbits?

Similar to the previous question, it is recommended that a rabbit hutch should measure 3m x 2m x 1m high, and this would be more than adequate for 2 rabbits to live comfortably. Generally rabbits enjoy living with a close companion, and have 2 rabbits together rarely requires a significant increase in hutch size. We found the best rabbit hutch for 2 rabbits to be the 6ft Chartwell Double Luxury Rabbit Hutch that is reviewed at the top of this guide.