Best Puppy Training Pads

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Owning a puppy is a joy, but we all know the amount of work that goes into training young dogs. Young puppies are excited, rowdy, and full of energy. Toilet training your puppy is one of the first tasks as a new dog owner, and getting your hands on efficient puppy pads makes training easier (and helps to save your favourite carpets).

Puppy training pads offer a wide variety of uses for all ages, sizes and types of dogs. Finding the use of puppy pads is easy; finding the right puppy pad can be a challenge. 

What to Consider When Buying Puppy Training Pads 

The top three things we think are most important to consider are:

  1. Performance & Design – The size and odour control performance are most important, but you should also consider how easy they are stick to your floor and replace.
  2. Durability – Puppies are little balls of energy, your chosen puppy pad will need to be durable enough to handle even rowdiest little guys. 
  3. Affordability – Consider buying in bulk as you may need quite a few! The more puppy pads you purchase, the cheaper each pad will be. 

Best Puppy Training Pad Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite puppy training pads available in the UK, but as you’ll soon tell, we love the puppy pads made by both Petphabet and Amazon Basics – both do an excellent job.

1. Petphabet Extra Large Dog Training Pad

petphabet extra large dog Training Pads large pet Puppy Pads heavy duty large puppy training pads Multilayer Ultra Absorbent 42 counts(28 * 34 Inches)

Petphabet Extra Large Dog Training Pad

Our Rating: 5/5

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The Petphabet Extra Large Dog Training Pad is the largest pad measuring at 34 x 28 inches, making it a great option for a larger dog, or where you may be using multiple pads to cover a space. This pad can be used both indoors and outdoors for large breed puppies.

These pads hold up to a huge 10 cups of liquid and are 200 per cent more absorbent than other puppy pads on the market. Their five-layer design absorbs heavy amounts of liquid using quick-dry technology. The pads are also tear-resistant and have a diamond quilted top layer allowing moisture to be absorbed into the pads core. The base of the pad is plastic which prevents any liquid or gel from breaking onto surfaces beneath it.

Key Features

  • Four different sizes offered with 42 pads per package.
  • Fifty per cent larger and more absorbent than competitors pads.
  • Suitable for larger breed puppies.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Pads can be used on own or inside pad holders, in kennels, crates, etc.

2. Petphabet Puppy Dog Training Potty Pee Piddle Pads 

Petphabet Puppy Dog Training Potty Pee Piddle Pads - 84 Count 100 Count 150 Count Box - 23' x 24' Large - Ultra-Absorbent Pet Pee Pee Pads for Puppy Housebreaking (84 Pack)

Petphabet Puppy Dog Training Potty Pee Piddle Pads

Our Rating: 4.5/5

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The Petphabet Puppy Dog Training Potty Pee Piddle Pads come in various sizes and can be purchased in an 84 or 150 count package. The pad can be used both indoors and outdoors. It can absorb up to three cups of liquid turning it into a gel, preventing any leaks or damage to the floor underneath.

These pads are suitable for large puppies. Your puppy should find it easy to toilet train utilising these pads. These pads are perfect for aiding ailing, ageing, and incontinent puppies too. You can use these pads for your puppy in pad holders, pet beds, dog crates, and as a pet car seat cover.

Key Features

  • Three sizes are available.
  • Suitable for indoors or outdoor use.
  • Absorbent.
  • Tear and leak-resistant.

3. Petphabet Puppy Pad Super Absorbent 

petphabet Absorbent Puppy Pads 100 pack Pet dog Training Pads small Dog Multilayer 100 counts (22*22 Inches)

Petphabet Puppy Pad Super Absorbent 

Our Rating: 4.5/5

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The Petphabet Puppy Pad is available in four sizes and comes with 84 pads in one package. It absorbs two times the amount of fluid compared to other brands. This pad is made of an absorbent polymer layer and has a leak-proof backing. Its surface layer is made from a soft, durable material preventing rips and tears.

These pads have a powerfully absorbent core that provides use to your puppy for the whole day. The Petphabet Puppy Pad holds up to three cups of liquid, and the pads’ quick-dry technology prevents tracking liquid into your home. The pads can also be used in pad holders, pet beds, dog crates, car and travel carriers. Due to the smaller sizes offered, these pads are suitable for smaller pups. 

Key Features

  • Absorbs 2x the amount of fluid.
  • Holds up to three cups of water.
  • Leakproof backing.
  • Durable and tear-resistant. 
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

4. Amazon Basics Pet Training Pad 

Amazon Basics Dog and Puppy Training Pads, Leakproof, 5-Layer Design with Quick-Dry Surface, Regular, Pack of 50, Blue

Amazon Basics Pet Training Pad 

Our Rating: 4.5/5

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Amazon Basics offers two sizes of pet pads, regular and x-large. These sizes come in various quantities. The size of the pad is most compatible with small or medium dogs. Its core is super absorbent turning liquid into a gel upon contact. It is leak-proof with a plastic lining to avoid damage to your floors. In addition to training puppies, this pad is also good for assisting ageing dogs or can be used outdoors to clean your pup after playing in the wet grass or mud. 

Key Features

  • It is made of 5 layers.
  • Super-absorbent.
  • Quick-dry to prevent tracking.
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use.

5. Amazon Basics Carbon Pet Training and Puppy Pad 

Amazon Basics Carbon Odour-Control Dog and Puppy Training Pads, Leakproof with Quick-Dry Surface, Regular (40 Count), Grey

Amazon Basics Pet Training Pad 

Our Rating: 4.5/5

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The Amazon Basics Carbon Pet Pad is made of 5-layers and has an absorbent core that turns liquid into a gel upon contact. These pads offer a layer of carbon for added odour control. These are the only pads on our list that offer carbon as a means of odour control. The pads are available in regular and x-large sizes, with various quantities available for purchase. A 1-year AmazonBasics limited warranty backs the pads. 

Key Features

  • Five-layer construction.
  • Super-absorbent.
  • Carbon component for odour control. 
  • Perfect for indoor, outdoor, or car use.

Benefits of using Puppy Training Pads

Purchasing puppy training pads makes life with your dog more comfortable. Whether you are using them as a training aid, or simply protecting your furnishings, they are cheap to buy and quick to replace. Here are a few benefits to using puppy training pads:

  • Easy and quick clean up
  • Saves you trips outsides
  • Protects dog beds, car seats, and floors
  • Many sizes are available to fit your dog and lifestyle needs
  • Ability to leave your pup for an extended period
  • Lightweight and easy to take on travels
  • Can be used for puppies or older dogs

Buyers Guide for Puppy Training Pads

The market is saturated with puppy pads. Each offers similar features, yet vary from brand to brand. This buyers guide can ease the strain of your puppy pad search.

Size, Age, and Ability of your Dog

Consider the size of your dog when looking at various puppy pads. A small puppy will be okay with a small or medium puppy pad, but a large dog will need a large or an extra-large pad. Also, each pad comes with a border to prevent leakage so make sure the actual absorbent square is large enough for your dog and their use.

Also, an older dog may need a large pad to do their business regardless of their size due to the urgency they may feel when needing to relieve themselves. Or maybe your dog has limited eyesight so a large pad would provide them with a larger target when using the pads. 


Always check how many layers your puppy pad has, you don’t want to skimp on layers and find that the pad soaks through to your nice floors. Additionally, you want to purchase a puppy pad that will endure long periods of use if you plan to be away all day or if it will be used in a crate during travels.

You may need a pad that is shred resistant for your new puppy who loves to chew and tear. 

Use of Pad

Consider what you need your puppy pads for. Are the pads an occasional use for days when you run long errands? Does your dog not make it outside in time to do their business? Are you aiding your ageing dog, or do they have difficulty moving? Is your female dog having her monthly? Or does your pup love to run in puddles at the park?

These types of questions will determine how many puppy pads you will need to buy, the quality of pads, and the size of the pads your dog needs. 


Each brand of puppy pads offers various quantities per pack. Consider how many puppy pads you will need each day, and if you have multiple dogs, you may not want them to share. The more pads you buy, the cheaper each pad will be, also consider that some of the more popular puppy pad brands will be out of stock more often. It may be better to purchase a little more than you need so you don’t find yourself faced with an out of ‘stock situation.’