Do Ferrets Make Good Pets?

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There are many animals that provide wonderful companionship, and ferrets are no exception. If you are thinking of having a ferret as a pet, do not give it a second thought! Let’s provide you insight if ferrets are the right pet for you.

Ferrets are small carnivorous animals with a hunting instinct as part of their nature. Initially, barn folk allowed them near their farms to keep rats and other critters away from their crops. Over time, farmers saw their domestic potential, and ferrets were trained to be used as pest control and rabbit hunting.

However, their mischievous and playful humor captured the attention and love of pet lovers all over the world.

In regards to its physical characteristics, there many types of ferrets in relation to their species, color, and fur. Some ferrets are as white as snow, while others are a combination of black and brown.

The most common breed is Sable, where their guard hair is dark ash brown, while the undercoat is white or cream. With a coat that is usually dark and sometimes has white spots, the ferret is also an extremely beautiful animal to look at.

Its size makes it a widely manageable furry companion. On average, males do not exceed 45 cm in length, and females only reach 40 cm.

Additionally, adult males and females weigh approximately 2 kg and 1 kg, respectively. The average lifespan of a ferret is between 6 to 10 years so that they can provide long-lasting companionship with proper care.

It is advised to sterilize females and to castrate males to reduce certain diseases or health conditions that they can suffer likely to happen over time.

Even more, sweat glands can be surgically removed to eliminate the foul odor they sometimes produce. Finally, special vet care is necessary to assess your ferret’s overall health and provide it a good quality of life.

Reasons to Have a Ferret as a Pet

Playfulness is their Second Name

Ferrets are animals with a lot of energy and vitality. They are also excellent companion animals since they have a playful character and love to share moments of leisure with their human family.

The ferret-owner interactions will create unique moments since ferrets are as sociable as they are intelligent with rather complex behavior. Some might say that having a ferret in your home is similar to sharing it with a dog or a cat. Thus, it requires a daily presence and dedication.

They love to exercise, run freely, and play till their hearts’ content. Because of this, it is important to have space available to have a ferret in your house. Ideally, you must have an outdoor area with a garden, soil, and trees.

Although it is important to provide your pet ferret moments of freedom to maintain its physical and mental health, it is also recommended to have a wide cage to keep it safe when it is not supervised.

They are Highly Intelligent

A ferret can learn his name and respond to his owner’s call. Believe it or not, ferrets can be trained so you can walk them on a leash or have them climb and stand on your shoulders.

Even more, some ferrets can open doors. Although you cannot fully adapt them to use a litter box as a cat does, a ferret can be trained to utilize a litter box outside its cage.

Veterinarians recommend having puzzle-based games or toys as ferrets are highly creative and love playing in unique surroundings. You will be surprised to see how your beloved furry companion manages to solve any problem or challenge it faces with determination and persistence.

Sometimes, their curiosity gets the best of them and leads them to cause accidents. Think of it as having a two-year-old child in your home.

Ferrets can Socialize with Children and other Animals

When properly trained, ferrets are a great addition to your family. They play well with children as they are the perfect cuddle buddies and are not known to bite or scratch when you pick them up or interact with them.

They also rejoice in reckless abandon with dogs and cats as they are easily amused by jumping or chasing them. Ferrets are not keen on quarrels with other animals.

However, keep in mind that they are hunters by nature, so you have to be careful if you have birds or a hamster in your home.

Take into consideration that a ferret is a wild animal, and it must adapt to a home environment to reduce its wild instincts. First, you must build an emotional bond with him in the first two weeks in your home.

If you have pets or animals, introduce them gradually to your ferret by allowing it to grow accustomed to their scent and presence. If not, it can feel threatened and resort to scratching as a defense mechanism.

No Issues with Feeding

Nowadays, pet stores all over the world provide good-quality ferret food that offers the necessary nutrients of your little ball of sunshine. Pre-made animal feed can be an easy way to provide your ferret with a balanced food regimen.

However, if you prefer home-cooked meals, you can always consult an exotic pet clinic and have them designed a special diet.

Your ferret’s diet must consist of 30 to 40% animal-based protein (meat and chicken), moderate fat content (about 20%), and low amounts of carbohydrates and fiber.

Since ferrets possess a rapid metabolism, you provide them frequent meals throughout the day, about 5 meals per day. You do not have to worry about overfeeding your ferret because it will only consume what it requires. Yes, they are that disciplined!

Ferrets are Silent Beings

You may think that your ferret’s playful nature will cause a lot of noise in your noise, but that’s not the case. Sure, it can growl and whine every now and then, but it is actually a quiet animal.

Your ferret will sleep approximately 15 hours, mostly during the day, and relish in some playtime at night. It will not bite your furniture, mark its territory, or make unwanted sounds as it prefers a noise-free environment to let its curiosity run wild.

Because of this, a ferret is an ideal pet for people who are absent during daylight and are not only present at night. Your ferret will actually thank you for it.

People can offer you many positive things in your life, but only pets are able to provide unconditional love and companionship that will warm your heart and leave your soul in peace. Ferrets are an excellent choice as a pet if you are determined to provide it all the love and care it needs.