Best Ferret Feeders for Training

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Sometimes feeding times may be difficult if you don’t have the right feeder. Here are some of the best ferret feeders to help you meet your ferrets nutritional needs, easily and conveniently.

Caring for a ferret is quite simple if you can set up good feeding, sleeping, playing, and littering conditions. We are going to focus on the feeding aspect of ownership since it can get quite tricky. Ferrets tend to eat frequently, approximately 5-8 times a day. They might not eat much, but they need small, consistent meals.

Here, you will find the best feeders for your ferrets, all of which have been thoroughly vetted so you can find the best option to properly feed your little guys. Take a look at our best ferret feeder option, where you will find a complete guide to the top feeder options for every owner.

Ferret Feeder for Training Reviews

LITTLE GIANT Steel Feeder with lid for Small Animals – Most organized ferret feeder for training and feeding

This effective, easy to clean animal feeder is perfect for ferrets and other small animals for many reasons. It is a great feeder option that is quite easy to use and will suit various wire cages easily.

Equipped with a large carrying capacity and various convenience features, this is a wonderful option for anyone looking for a feeder.


  • Hinged lid for easy refill
  • Designed with various safety features
  • Galvanized Stainless steel material used with large feed capacity

Miller Manufacturing has done it with the AF5ML feeder, which is designed for small animals. This steel feeder is particularly great for ferrets as it is both sturdy and spill-resistant.

Other great properties that make the Little giant a great choice is the easy attachment in addition to an easy refill process.

Weighing in at 1.01lbs with independent wire hooks, this feeder is easy to attach to whichever space you choose to place it in. It is a safe feeder option that is made with rust-resistant galvanized steel. In fact, this item will resist rusting in addition to remaining chew proof.

There is a rounded edge around the trough of this feeder. This will ensure your ferret is safe while feeding.


This may be an answer to many ferret owners’ feeding issues. It is a functional and convenient way to feed your ferrets, not to mention safe. Although the price is on the higher side, this is a worthwhile feeder for anyone looking for order and efficiency in their ferret’s feeding habits.

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Metal bin feeder for small animals by Prevue HENDRYX- Best bin feeder for small animals and ferrets

This all-metal bin feeder from Prevue HENDRYX is a simple bin feeder style appliance designed specifically for small animals. With up to a 5 day food carrying capacity, you can rely on this bin feeder to effectively supply your ferrets feed as needed.


  • Available in color: Green
  • Dimensions include 3-7/8-inch length by 4-3/4-inch width by 7-1/8-inch height
  • Powder-coated body
  • 5 day carrying capacity

Prevue HENDRYX has proven that simple is best with their all green bin feeder. Equipped with all the right features, feeding sessions should be much easier with this device.

In fact, ph incorporates some stellar capabilities like an up to 5day feed capacity, reducing the number of times you have to change or supply fresh feed. Added to the design is a mesh bottom where dust from the pellets will gather and sift out.

Because the metal surface on this bin feeder is Powder coated. Set up is quite convenient on this feeder as it comes with movable hooks, which ensure the device is securely held in place.

Unfortunately, this bin feeder has an issue properly sliding down the food one you fill it. This can be easily solved by swiping the bottom to trigger the food delivery mechanism to work.


If you are looking for a convenient and simple way to provide your ferret(s) with food even when you are unavailable, then this bin feeder may be what you need. It holds a large food capacity for up to 5 days, and will also keep said food safe for ferrets during this time.

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Paw-Print Colorful Bowls PetWare by Kaytee- Best fancy ferret feeder

This luxury ferret feeder is a very fashionable yet functional way to feed your ferrets. Made with high-quality material and décor: this bowl is a worthy addition to every ferret’s living area.


  • Quality ceramic with heavy-duty build
  • Actual ferret paw print decor
  • Quality feeder that won’t overturn
  • 8oz capacity food or drink
  • Chew proof and durable

The last time many people expect to see inefficient feeders for training are bowls. This bowl, however is made with high-quality ceramic material, which serves many purposes with several benefits.

First off, the ceramic is sturdy and heavy-duty, ensuring no tip over happens no matter how aggressive the little guy is. Additionally, the ceramic is high quality as a design element. It is quite pleasing to look and even incorporates real ferret paw prints for aesthetics.

Apart from attractiveness, this dense ceramic is chew proof and will last you and your little buddy a long time.

With an 8oz capacity, you can rest assured that your ferrets are well fed with one fill. However, these ceramic bowls come in random colors, and you cannot choose your ideal color. Additionally, nothing is going to stop the ferrets from doffing the food out of the bowl and spreading it everywhere.


Are you decorating your ferrets’ living space? Do you need something cute but sturdy and durable against your ferrets? If you said yes, then this bowl is exactly what you need. It is the embodiment of appeal and functionality.

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Tips on ferret nutrition

A good feeding system will not help feed training if you do not provide your ferret with the correct nutrition. To successfully train your ferret, you must understand what they eat, when they prefer to eat among other things. Here is a quick guide to what ferrets enjoy eating and how you can improve their eating habits.

First off, ferrets eat meats primarily and therefore require constant high protein foods. Often these are available in pellet forms and can easily be delivered using any of the feeders we discussed above. Always make a point of checking the ingredients lists on the packaging to ensure protein like chicken are first, and items like grain are minimal.

P.S: In addition to ingredients, the shape of the pellet is important as some shapes are hard on the ferret’s mouth, stabbing the little guys’ delicate mouth as they eat.

Using the right kinds of teats and introducing a wide variety of foods is a good idea to ensure your little guys are not only getting the nutrition they need and still enjoy a delicious treat.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to venture into other pets’ food provisions. For instance, ferrets take very well to different cat foods and treats. You can add these to the ferrets’ meals as an alternative to ferret food. However, when you feed your ferrets exclusively cat food, you must supplement their diet with ferret supplements.

How to choose right ferret feeder

The right ferret feeder can be many things depending on your needs, among other factors. Before you settle on one, these are some of the necessary considerations that you must make to ensure you select the best and most efficient food delivery method.

First off, you must find the right TYPE of feeder that you will prefer. Since there are different kinds: bowls, bin feeders, or even automatics feeders, there will be no shortage of items to choose from.

Since different feeders are equipped with separate features, you may find that some types are better suited for your ferrets compared to others. Above is a wide array of feeder types form bin feeder, ceramic bowls, and even automatic multipurpose nipple feeders.

Additionally, the build quality and material is an important aspect when choosing a feeder. Since no owner is trying to purchase a feeder every now and then, you must consider options with quality builds and sturdy materials.

These should be able to withstand any chewing or biting from the ferrets in addition to general wear or tear that comes with age. A sturdy and durable option is the ideal build quality and material quality for ferret feeders.

Convenience features are important, especially when you need to leave your little guy(s) for some time but still need them fed. For instance, automatic feeders do not need any additional input apart from refills or clean-ups.

Other convenience features like easy to install features or attachments which make the setup or even refill process easier. With such features, not just the ferret benefits, both ferret and owner can enjoy using said item.

It might sound strange, but owners are often advised to consider their buddies temperaments and habits, which need to be rectified for proper feed training. The reason behind this is that many feeders are designed with very particular features that are tailored to encourage the opposite of very specific poor habits.

For example, Marshall’s snap n fit comes with a sturdy non-spill design that will discourage ferrets with tendencies to know over their food. Using your ferret’s bad habits as a guide, you can select the best feeder tailored to rectify said bad habits.

Safety of a feeder or additional safety features help to not only maintain safe eating environments but will keep your mind at ease about any feeding-related concerns or accidents that you might have. Some safety features on feeders can include the rounded seal on the Little Giant Metal feeder we discussed above.


The best feeder for your ferret is a combination of many things. As you have seen, there are many different types of feeders, all of which can perform pretty well when chosen correctly. The tips provided along with the top feeders above are a great place to start for anyone looking for a feeder to feed train their ferret.

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