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In the warmer months, rabbits enjoy getting out of their hutch and exercising. Some gardens aren’t secure enough to let your rabbit run free without the worry of your little one escaping! Rabbit runs allow them room to hop, jump, and sniff outside of their ordinary habitat. Runs are designed to provide the rabbit with a safe and secure environment from predators while allowing them to explore their surroundings and improve their engagement and happiness.

Rabbit runs come in a number of different shapes, materials, and designs. With such variety, it can be challenging to select the most suitable run for your tiny pet. To help you out, we have reviewed the best rabbit runs in the market today to help you make the right choice.

Best Rabbit Run Reviews

We’ve researched and reviewed the best rabbit runs available in the UK.

1. PawHut Rabbit Hutch & Run

PawHut Rabbit Hutch Outdoor, Guinea Pig House, Bunny Run Cage with Openable Top for 2 Rabbits, 123 x 120 x 52cm, Grey

Our Rating: 5/5

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This PawHut rabbit hutch and run combines a well sized rabbit run with a small hutch to provide shade and shelter for your rabbit against both hot and wet weather. We love this hutch as it provides ample space for multiple rabbits to exercise, and the added hutch gives you peace of mind that your rabbit has a safe space if it gets startled.

The run itself is made of treated pine and fir wood. The combination makes it a durable and safe home for your rabbit. Its finish is made of toxin-free paint for protection against harsh weather, which further enhances durability. The mesh parts allow sunlight in and adequate airflow while keeping predators away. 

The run is 120cm long, by 123cm wide and has sufficient headroom for your rabbit to exercise (approximately 52cm high). This run is big enough to allow your rabbit to hop, jump, play and remain active without feeling cramped. The small hutch has a slide out tray that makes cleaning a lot easier. In addition, it has a big secure run door for easier access when you want to remove the rabbit.

Why we like it

  • Versatile; it has both a run and a hutch
  • It has built in shade and shelter from the elements
  • Weather proofed and durable
  • Easy access to remove your rabbit
  • Provides excellent protection from predators

2. Bunny Business Fully Folding Sheltered Rabbit Run 

BUNNY BUSINESS Fully Folding Sheltered Rabbit Run Hutch, 48-inch

Our Rating: 5/5

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The Bunny Business fully folding rabbit run is a great all round rabbit run that offers excellent value for money, and the added benefit of built in shelter from rain and sun, and the added benefit of being completely foldable, making access and storage a breeze. The small sheltered area provides a hiding space for your pet in case of weather change or when it just wants to rest. 

The run is fully folding, meaning that you can dismantle it and keep it stored away during the winter months, thanks to the screwed hinged panels. This feature comes in handy with limited space for both storage and outdoor areas. Wooden parts are made of red-cider wood and come pre-treated with pet-friendly preservatives to ensure that the parts remain in great shape for a long time while protecting the rabbit. 

The run itself measures 122cm by 122cm by 61 cm and weighs 12 kgs – making it easy to move and store. The unit is safe to place on hard surfaces or grass and can be pegged down if your rabbits are on the adventurous side. It is sturdy, and your pet is secure from predators while inside.

Why we like it

  • Has a shelter to hide from rain or sun
  • It is fully foldable for easier storage
  • Unit comes with latches secure from predators
  • It features predator-proof latches
  • The wood is treated for longevity

3. Pawhut 6ft Outdoor Wooden Rabbit Run

Pawhut 6ft Outdoor Wooden Rabbit Hutch Cage with Wire Mesh Safety Run and Play Space

Our Rating: 4.5/5

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Our next pick is yet another PawHut run. This wooden rabbit run has an open bottom making it a perfect choice if you want the rabbit to graze in a safe, controlled environment. The non-wooden parts feature galvanized mesh that is long-lasting and weather-proof. Wooden parts have also been treated with a waterproof coating for durability. 

The wire mesh that makes up the sides of the run is closely spaced to protect the rabbit from predators such as foxes. In addition, it has secure latches made of stainless steel. The product measures 181cm by 100cm by 48cm and weighs 11 kgs.

PawHut 6ft Outdoor wooden rabbit run comes in an open design that allows the animal to see the surrounding. The mesh also facilitates effective ventilation, and the rabbit can enjoy direct sunlight. However, with this run, the pet should not be left out for too long on a sunny day as it might be affected by the extreme exposure to direct sunlight in the absence of shade. You can help to avoid this by adding a makeshift hutch to the run (a simple secured upside down cardboard box can do the trick with a little bedding for comfort).

Why we like it

  • Uses galvanized mesh and treated wood for durability
  • It comes with secure latches for safety
  • It has an open design for a breezy, airy feel and direct sunlight

4. Bunny Business Pet Supplies Apex Run

Bunny Business Pet Supplies Apex Run with Enclosure Rabbit/Guinea Run Hutch Hutches, 4ft Triangular Runs (RED)

Our Rating: 4.5/5

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The Apex rabbit run is one of the smaller rabbit runs that we have reviewed, which makes it an excellent choice if your garden or lawn are on the smaller side. The hutch at one end provides excellent shade and cover from the elements, whilst the run has excellent access through the central hatch.

It features sturdy mesh for protection from predators and fir planed wood. To combat the risk of splintering, the unit’s joints are mortised.  The unit measures 118cm by 50cm by 45 cm and has a triangular design.

As with most rabbit runs, this unit comes unassembled. However, it is pretty easy to put together with easy-to-follow instructions; you will not need more than 10 minutes.

Why we like it

  • It has a compartment that is sheltered to provide a hiding space
  • It comes with a cover that is available in a variety of colours
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle
  • It has a unique design
  • A suitable choice for tiny rabbits
  • It features quality wood

5. VivaPet Outdoor Octagon Rabbit Run

VivaPet Indoor Outdoor Run Cage Play Pen Enclosure For Rabbit Puppy, Duck, Chicken, Guinea, 55-inch, Galvanised, Silver, With Sun Protection Net Cover

Our Rating: 4/5

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Viva Pet Octagon rabbit run is a galvanized playpen for rabbits and guinea pigs. It is structured from a non-toxic coating that protects the metal structure from harsh weather and destruction by gnawing rabbits or predators. The materials make this unit long-lasting; you get absolute value for the money. 

The upper part has a sealed safety net. This protects the bunnies from getting burned by direct sunlight and predators that might try to sneak into the run from the upper part. It measures 62 by 62 by 7.2 cm and weighs 4.64 kgs.

One of the outstanding features of the VivaPet Octagon rabbit run is that it can be folded. This means that when not in use, the unit can be dismantled and kept away till the next time it is needed. It also makes the unit’s storage easier. If worried about dismantling and assembling, it will not take more than half a minute. This aspect makes the unit a perfect choice for use in households with limited outdoor space or those who don’t want to have a permanent outdoor run in their space.

Why we like it

  • It can be folded for storage
  • Affordable
  • It has a protective upper net
  • The unit is made of quality, long-lasting, and weather-resistant coated wire
  • A suitable choice for limited outdoor space

What to Consider When Buying A Rabbit Run

Size. A rabbit run is meant to offer your pet a safe space where it can exercise to keep it mentally and physically active and healthy. So the size of the area you choose should facilitate this. A small space will not deliver the expected results, but you also don’t need a massive run that ends up engulfing the majority of your lawn.

The smallest size of a rabbit run you should consider is a base of 96″ by 48″ for two rabbits. It can be smaller if you only have one rabbit. The height should be enough to accommodate the rabbit when it stands up, stretching its legs.

Material. Most rabbit runs are constructed using wood or metal, and some also incorporate wired mesh materials. Mesh keeps the pet from escaping and the predators from entering. Metal runs are a suitable option, but they are pretty heavy and often wear and tear quickly. 

Wooden options are more appealing, but you need to pay attention to factors such as whether the wood is treated for weather-proofing to ensure durability. Wood is also lighter. Treated wood and wired mesh make an ideal combination for a rabbit run.

You should consider where you plan to store your run in the winter. Do you need a collapsing run? Wooden runs can also be taken apart with a few screws, which is often why they are the preferred option.

Security. A run is often kept outdoors on a lawn or in the garden, where predators are more common. Security features such as secure latches, size of the gaps between wired mesh and having a covered top are mandatory considerations. 

Shade & Shelter. If you are planning on leaving your rabbits in a run for long periods in the summer, it is always best to consider shade and shelter. You can create shade of your own by simply lying an old towel or tarpaulin over one end of the run, but we prefer runs with a small built in shelter.

A small shelter will give your bunnies somewhere to go if they get hot, or if the summer rain comes whilst they are out. It will also help nervous rabbits to find a safe place if they get startled.

You can add a small shelter of your own to a basic rabbit run, but a number of the options we reviewed above have them ready built in as a great addition.

Durability. The last thing you want is to spend money on a unit that doesn’t serve you for long. Durability is critical, and you should pay attention to the kind of coating or treatment the unit’s materials have gone through. These coatings and treatments help the materials withstand bad weather and any other damage such as scratches.

Other factors to consider are the quality and safety features of the roof, ease of assembling and dismantling, ease of cleaning, and ease of access.

Rabbit Run FAQs

What is the best rabbit run?

We think the best outdoor rabbit run is the PawHut Rabbit Hutch & Run that we have reviewed at the top of this guide. This run combines a a small hutch (for safety and protection from the weather) with a fair sized rabbit run that offers room for your rabbit to exercise.

What size should a rabbit run be?

The PDSA recommends that an outdoor rabbit run should measure at least 2.5m x 2m with appropriate headroom for your rabbit to hop and stand up.

Do rabbit runs have to be on grass?

Not necessarily no. Grass is great for rabbits as it is good for their teeth and digestive system, but the main use of a rabbit run is for them to exercise and mix up their daily routine to keep them entertained. If you are putting a rabbit run on a patio or similar, ensure that they have access to food and water and make sure it is not fully exposed to the sun (or has some protection).

What do you put in a rabbit run?

As a minimum, your rabbit should have access to food, water and some hay in their rabbit run. We like to place our run on the lawn so that our rabbits can chew the grass. For added entertainment, add in some rabbit toys that they don’t access daily in their hutch, or add some objects that you have in your household that will give them something to sniff or nibble (it could be as simple as a stick or log)