Best Catnip Toys For Cats

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If you have not tried catnip on your cat yet, you are both missing out on a lot. Most cat parents today are pampering their felines and seeking to give them the best experiences. And there is no better way to do this (give your cat a natural high), than by using catnip. Catnip in cats gives a feeling of relaxation and euphoria. It causes most cats to behave funny which can be humorous to watch.

Why Catnip Toys?

However, most cats will get tired of plain catnip after a few days as it loses its scent. But, with catnip toys, your cat will forever be interested. With the long list of catnip toy brands, it can get tricky to choose the best for your cat.

These are our favourite catnip toys

But you do not have to worry about choosing the best catnip toys for your cats. Below is a list of some of the best catnip toys UK.

1. Yeowww Banana Shaped Catnip Toy

This Yeowwwc Banana catnip toy has grown in popularity over the years. Despite being banana-shaped (cats are not exactly huge fans of bananas), it proves to be irresistible to most cats. This catnip toy has a strong scent which makes it perfect even for cats that have with time lost their sharp sense of smell.

This catnip toy from Yeowww is strong and designed to last for a long time. The curved banana shape makes it easier for cats to play with and cuddle while the bright yellow colour attracts cats. Since it mimics a banana, you could have it decorate your fake fruit bowl as well.

The catnip toy is sealed and is not refillable. This means that you do not have to worry about your cat accidentally slicing it open and spraying the catnip all over your living room.


  • It is perfect for cats with a not so sharp sense of smell
  • It is sealed thus preventing a mess
  • It is strong
  • It is yellow and attractive to cats


  • It is not refillable

2. Mamachu Interactive Fish Cat Toy

Mamachu is one of the best catnip toy brands available. The company understands cats and knows the buttons to press to excite them. Their understanding and prowess shine through in this catnip toy.

This interactive cat toy is shaped like a fish (not the normal fish). It is made using several materials. The fishtail is designed with quality ringing paper while the fish head sports feathers. When cats scratch the head, a rustling sound will be heard and further encourage playfulness.

Overall, the fabric used is of high quality and is tough enough to withstand constant tossing and scratching. Inside the fish-shaped catnip toy is organic catnip. Its fragrance is strong and will last for quite a long time.


  • Shaped like a fish
  • It is an interactive toy which encourages play
  • Contains organic catnip
  • The fabric is strong and tough


  • May not get the desired results from kittens three months old
  • The scent is not as strong compared to other catnip toys

3. Balai Fish Shaped Interactive Catnip Toys

Balai is yet another catnip brand that is causing major ripples in the catnip toy industry. These catnip toys are fish shaped and are designed as play toys and chew toys. A packet comes with two fish pieces of varying sizes and fish types. Different packets feature different fish types. You can choose any that meets your fancy.

The fishes are designed to be soft and cuddly. They are constructed from a plush fabric which gives them improved durability and strength. Inside they contain catnip and PP cotton. The Catnip is contained in the filler cotton and is mostly in the fins, tail and head of the fish.

The two fish measure 30cm and 20 cm. The longer fish features a zip, is detachable and can be washed. The smaller fish does not feature these qualities.


  • Realistic fish shaped catnip toys
  • It is durable courtesy of the plush fabric
  • The 30 cm fish is washable


  • The toys are too big for some cats

4. Yeoowww Organic Catnip Fish Toy

The Yeowww catnip toy brand is well known for its potent smelling cat toys. Their toys are bound to excite your cat. For its strong catnip scent, these sardine toys made our list of best catnip toys.

Each packaging contains three sardine shaped cat toys. They each measure 7.5 inches and are filled with organic catnip. Strong and durable cotton material is used to construct the catnip. The beautiful coloured patterns are made using natural soy and vegetable-based colours.


  • Perfect for cat parents with multiple cats
  • Small enough for all cats of varying sizes to play with
  • Coloured with natural soy and vegetable-based colours


  • Unfortunately, they are non-refillable
  • Perfect for cats aged six months and above

5. Tacobear 5-Piece Fish Shape Cat Nip Toys

Cats love fish – probably more than they do any other meat. Some cats even go fishing in fishbowls. Tacobear is well aware of this and presents one of the best catnip toys in the shape of fish. The catnip toys come in 5 pieces. Each piece mimics the shape of a different fish to keep your cat interested. The fishes include Grass Carp, Spanish Mackerel, Saury, Carp and Salmon.

The fish-shaped catnip toys are constructed from soft and high-end plush fabric. They are stuffed with soft pp cotton combined with catnip (organically grown). The simulation of fish on these toys is clear courtesy of the premium printing technology employed. The crystals though thick, are soft enough to double as your cat’s pillow as it sleeps.


  • The fish design is attractive to most if not all cats
  • The package comes with five fish pieces
  • The catnip toys contain organically grown catnip
  • The material is soft to chew and provide sleeping comfort


  • Your cat may never play with all the toys at once.


And there you have it, a list of some of the best catnip toys. While they each have some shortcoming, they will get the job done. You just have to pick one that fits your cat’s preference. If your cat loves fish or mice, the get one designed as a fish or mouse respectively.