Best Indoor Camera for Pets

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Pets can be curious and nervous around the house, especially when they realize their owner’s not around. In case you have ever wondered what your pet gets up to while you are not home, the chance for you to find out is here — indoor pet cameras.

These nifty little gadgets are really helpful when you want to track your pet’s movements around the house, or to make sure they are behaving. With the availability of a wide variety of pet cameras to choose from, getting one that suits your needs can feel like an uphill task. The market is flooded, making it challenging to decide on a specific camera.

In this guide, we have researched to find the best indoor camera for pets that balances cost and quality and provides you with complete piece of mind to enjoy a day away from the house.

Essential Features to Look for in an Indoor Pet Camera

When looking for a pet camera there are a number of additional features that you can use to look after their welfare, for example, talking to them using two way communication to help ease their nerves, or dispensing a treat to reassure them. We think the main features are:

  • Does it have a two-way communication capability?
  • Is it equipped with night vision?
  • Does it dispense treats at your command?
  • Is there an app to help you integrate it easily into your home?
  • Does it send motion and noise alerts to your phone?
  • What is the camera’s resolution?

To help you settle on a camera that has most or all of these features, we’ve compiled a list of the best pet cameras you can buy. Let’s get into it!

Best Indoor Camera for Pets Reviews

These are our favourite cameras on the UK market.

1) Furbo Full HD Pet Camera

The Furbo pet camera is a standout product within this group. It is equipped with an HD 160 degree wide angle camera that allows you to zoom in or view your cat in night vision mode. If you have a nervous pet, you can use the two way communication functionality to talk to your pet to calm it down, or call it to the camera to dispense a treat using the handy app on your phone. If the camera senses your pet is making noise, it will send you an alert to your phone so that you check in.

This camera contains all of the features you could ever wish for to reassure both you and your pet. The product was originally designed for dogs, but we found it to be perfect for our cats.

Why we like it
  • Has zoom, tilt, and pan capabilities for various viewing angles
  • Real-time alert to your smartphone in case you aren’t home
  • The two-way audio is very clear
  • Dispense up to 100 treats for your cat
  • Has a quick 2.4G Wi-Fi connection
  • It is equipped with night vision so you can see your pet any time.

2) SKYMEE Pet Camera Treat Dispenser

The Skymee pet camera is excellent. The viewing is smooth and crisp because it has HD live streaming. The two-way communication functionality and video feature also allow you to reprimand your pet if they get up to no good.

If you love getting your pet treats and keeping them moving, then you will flip over this high-quality pet camera. The camera is excellent for indoor use, with its quality image and motion detection giving you complete piece of mind.

Why we like it
  • Instant social media sharing of your pet’s cute videos
  • The lens provides 1080p HD live streaming capabilities
  • The Skymee app is very easy to set up
  • There is a treat dispenser for your pet if they behave well
  • Motion detection notifications to your phone

3) Bioxo Pet Monitor Camera

The Bioxo Pet camera landed in our top picks because of the easy-to-use controls. Its two-way audio communication feature allows you and your pet to interact if it gets lonely. It’s also the only pet camera on this list that allows multiple family members to connect and check in on the four-legged family friend.

So if your child is away at university and they’re missing your family cat, they can check in with your sweet kitty.

Why we like it
  • With the touch of your screen, you can rotate the camera to any angle
  • The camera lens gives clear, HD video quality
  • Works well in low-light conditions
  • Family members can check-in simultaneously
  • Relies on infrared motion detection technology and sends out alarm notifications
  • Has a built-in noise filter for clear calls

4) Zmodo Mini HD Wireless Indoor Camera

Keeping tabs on your pet is super easy with the Zmodo Mini HD Wireless Indoor Camera. Setting up is a breeze, and it offers a clear 720p HD viewing experience. It also has motion detecting functionality with the alerts coming directly to your smartphones. The Zmodo also offers could storage for your short video clips.

The video clarity is fantastic, meaning you always get to see what your pet is doing in detail. Also, setting up this camera’s network configuration is easy.

Why we like it
  • The lens offers 720p HD clear videos
  • Setting up this pet camera is super easy
  • You get alerts of your phone when any motion is detected.

What Are the Benefits of Owning a Pet Camera?

A pet camera will give you great peace of mind when you are away, leaving your pet indoors. You can tap and check-in your pet conveniently from wherever you are. If your pet is prone to chewing up pillows and ripping the curtains while you are away, a pet camera will reinforce your presence when you are absent.

Some of the many benefits of having a pet camera include:

You Have an Opportunity for Remote Observation

You can always hire a dog walker or pet sitter, but if you don’t have the money, a pet camera is a pretty reliable solution. You can always check on them whenever you want. There is also the added advantage of checking up on your house in case of a break-in.

Health Monitoring of Your Pet

Pets are family, and their health is just as important as any other family member’s. Sometimes it may be too late when you discover your pet’s health problem. But with a pet camera, you can always observe your pet’s behaviour and deduce if they are okay health-wise.

Pet cameras reveal a lot in terms of your pet’s pattern, and if you suspect they are suffering from an ailment, you can always show your vet the footage to ascertain your suspicions.

There Is an Increase in Engagements and Interactions

A pet camera will ensure your pet never misses you because you are available when it needs you. If your pet is feeling blue, a pet camera is a great way to lift their spirits, especially when they hear your voice.

With a two-way streaming pet cam, both of you can engage and interact like you are there physically. Your image provides a sense of calm and relief when they start to get anxious.

Buying Guide for An Indoor Pet Camera

With so many features on pet cameras, getting the essential ones that are useful and work for your rather than gimmicks can be tricky. Below is a buying guide composed of the important things you should look out for in your pet camera. Also, the features that are available, and which ones to look for are included in this buyer’s guide. Hopefully, we’ll answer some of your questions on what features come with a pet camera and which ones’ matter.

Camera Resolution

Pet cameras offer a wide range of resolutions, with the least being 720p. If you want to save the videos of your pet being goofy and free, you should do it with a pet camera that offers a higher resolution like 1080p. We are not saying that 720p viewing is not good. On the contrary, most broadcasting still relies on 720p. So if you feel that the resolution is a non-issue, then don’t pay much attention to it.

Night Vision Capabilities

If you work the night shift, getting a pet camera with night vision is a good idea. Regardless of the lighting, night vision cameras will allow you to see your pet and monitor its activities in the house. Another advantage with night vision cameras is that they provide viewing even in the daytime if the lighting is compromised.

Camera Viewing Area

Pet cameras can be static with a fisheye lens to provide wide angles or standard viewing with tilting and panning capabilities so that they can see around the room. Few cameras have both these viewing angles, but they are quite pricey.

Regardless of the route, you decide to take, asking around for opinions and experience from people who own these cameras is a good idea.

Two-Way Communication

A pet camera with two-way communication functionality is great for interacting with your pet. Whether it is audio, video, or both, a two-way communication pet camera allows you to calm your pet down if they exhibit any anxiousness.

This feature is not in all pet monitors. You have to decide if you want it before you buy your pet camera.

Sound and Motion Detection

Pet cams have various uses— they are used to monitor your pet’s feeding habits, sleeping patterns, and general behaviour around the house when you are not there.

Monitoring your pet the whole day is rather time-consuming and very impractical. Motion detection is the better method of knowing your pet’s movements. Some pet cameras give you alerts when they detect motion and give you the chance to monitor your animal.

Sound detection is also pretty handy in pet cameras when your dog is barking or your cat knocks something over. It gives you the chance to calm them down.

Saving Videos and Pictures

You may want to save the video of your pet while they are alone, and some pet cameras provide cloud storage. In case you want to keep these videos and share them, you can access them in the cloud.

Some pet cameras provide additional storage in the form of SD storage slots where you can insert your SD card. This storage will allow your videos to be stored there for future reference.

Treat-Dispensing Pet Cameras

A lot of pet cameras can be programmed to give treats to your pet when you are away. This is a great feature, especially if you love treating your pet for good behaviour to reinforce it.

Some owners might find this feature to pretty useless, but all in all, it improves the interaction level between you and your cat through the pet cameras. It also ensures that they toe the line because they are now conditioned with the treats they receive for good behaviour.

There are also pet feeders that have cameras on them. These will help you to feed your pet on schedule even when you are away for longer hours than usual.

Laser Pointers

Monitoring your pet alone should not be the only function that you look for in a pet camera. Some cameras come installed with a laser pointer for you to interact and play with your pet remotely. You can get your pet running up and down as they chase the laser pointer which you can operate remotely. This pointer provides fun exercise for your pet and a break in your routine too.


Pet cameras give you the control you need over your pet when you are not home. Because you can see and hear your pet, and they too learn to interact with you remotely, they do not feel neglected even when you are not around physically.

With many different cameras available, monitoring your beloved pet is much easier than before. They give you convenient functionality as you can view your pet in real-time or access video footage at the touch of your smartphone screen.