Best Litter For Ferrets

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Since these furry little guys spend most of their time sleeping, it’s very important to find the best litter to suit them. Take a look at the best litter guide for ferrets.

If you thought cats like to sleep then, let me introduce you to the ferret. Anyone who already owns a pet ferret knows that these little guys sleep for a minimum of 18 hours: although not all at once. The rest of the time is spent awake or playing.

Because they spend so much time asleep, it is important that you maintain the best sleeping conditions.

Before you can settle on one brand or style of litter, there are many things you must consider. Among these include the type, performance, and material along with other factors.

Take a look at our complete guide to choosing the best litter for ferrets where you will find everything you need to select the best option for you and your furry buddies.

Ferret Litter Reviews

Back 2 Nature Small Animal Paper Litter – Our Top litter choice

This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the popularity of the Back 2 Nature Litter among Ferret owners.

However, that is not why it is our top choice. Made specifically for small animals, the Back 2 Nature is both natural and non-allergenic to ensure the ferrets are comfortable in addition to remaining safe and healthy.

Some of the specifications on the small animal litter by Back 2 Nature include:

  • 100% Natural paper fiber material
  • 99% Dust-free
  • Non-allergenic
  • Excellent absorbency and outstanding odour control
  • Recycled, Biodegradable and flushable
  • Chemical Fragrance-free
  • Superabsorbent

One of the main considerations when purchasing litter is the health implications of the material may depend on your pet.

First off, ferrets have delicate respiratory systems sensitive to many things. Various sources explain that dust, particles and clumping litters are particularly dangerous because they can interfere with your little guy’s breathing.

Because Back 2 Nature makes this premium litter non-allergenic and dust-free, it is the healthiest option for all ferrets to use.

Moreover, because it is dust-free, this premium litter is quite easy to clean. It does not stick and can be flushed down the toilet, or left along to degrade.


The simplest choice when considering ferret litter has to be Back 2 Nature litter. Which apart from keeping sleeping environments clean and odour-free: it is a safe litter option for Ferrets. This is an overall good litter that gets the job done.

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Fresh News Cat Litter- Best environmentally safe litter for your ferrets

Yes, you heard right cat litter. This is a great choice of litter that is not only great for you but also for the environment. You will come across many environmentally friendly litters, but Fresh News litter has designed .

Some of the specifications on the Fresh News Cat litter include:

  • Material made of 100% recycled paper
  • Baking soda odour neutralizing system
  • Non-allergenic and dust-free
  • Packaged in reusable bag
  • Sturdy pellets which maintain shape even overtime
  • Environmentally conscious litter

Starting us off is the not only easy to use but also extremely environmentally friendly material used to develop this litter. It is 100% post-consumer paper, which is collected from recycling centres, the Recycling program.

Yes, they are a stickler for the environment, which is a great thing. The litter is not just safe for the earth but also for the ferret as it is non-allergenic and dust-free.

Sure the Fresh News designed this litter with cats in mind, but it performs well with many small pets and animals.

In terms of odor management, the litter relies on the ammonia locker, which is a baking soda-fiber combo meant to effectively get rid of various smells. Considering how strongly cat waste can smell;, you can expect his litter to do a good job in ensuring the odors stay away.

Comfort however, might be an issue with Fresh news as it is designed specifically for the cat. Otherwise: if the ferret gets used to the material, then sleep should be a non-issue.


There isn’t much wrong with Fresh News Cat litter, except that it is made for cats. It is an environmentally safe option for ferrets that need non-allergenic dust-free litter which, is easy to use and even easier to clean.

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Critter Litter for Small Animals by Kaytee – Best Clay litter for ferrets

Kaytee describes this litter for little critters as the sanitary solution to your ferret problems. In fact, using this litter, you can potty train your little guys with efficiently. A non-toxic all natural Bentonite material used to make this litter and is the secret behind this premium litter.

Some of the specifications on Kaytee’s Critter Litter include:

  • 100% Bentonite non-toxic material with minerals
  • Holds up to 10X its weight in water
  • Useful in combination with an appropriate program for potty training
  • Available in 4lbs and 8lbs packages
  • Super absorbent and 99% dust-free

Overall, this Critter Litter is a super absorbent all natural Bentonite material meant for premium quality litter performance. Given the high absorption power the litter has, it will keep the environs not only odor but moisture free for a long time.

The biggest perks this brand of litter has to offer must be using said litter in combination with a program for proper potty training. The material acts instantly on any moisture released around it, ensuring odor is effectively trapped before it becomes a problem.

Additionally, Kaytee assures that this litter is not only 99% dust-free but also hypoallergenic for minimal effect on your ferret. None the less, the consistency of the liter is considerably finer than most and thus requires that you use more of it.


If you need instant action absorption with a large carrying capacity, then this all-natural litter may be what you need. It is both safe and effective against liquids and odors.

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Tips for choosing the best litter for ferrets

If this is your first time choosing a litter box, then let me introduce you to some of the most important aspects that must influence your litter choice. Some of these affect the ferret or the user directly and are therefore very important considerations.

Cozy comfort

The last thing you ever want as a pet owner is to provide an uncomfortable littering area for your little guys. As you review litter choices, check for softness, comfort, and overall coziness each option may offer. The different types of materials have varying comfort levels: some better than others.


Pet ownerships becomes way more enjoyable when the space is kept clean and smell free. We will focus on odor control, which is a whole other issue, later on. Clean litter is litter, which absorbs liquid and moistures well. There are many super absorbent options in the different brands we discussed above.

Additionally, clean litter is often easy to spot when dirty and thus easy to spot clean.

Eco friendly

If you are a stickler for the environment like I am, then you may want to take the nature of the material quite seriously. While there are some great litter options available, not all of them are environmentally safe, biodegradable, flushable, or even reusable.

A great benefit that comes with eco-friendly materials is that they are often naturally sourced products mainly from recycled sources. These are often non-toxic and non-allergic. Considering how easily compromised ferrets respiratory systems can get, more natural options are safer to use and less harmful to their bodies.

Odour control

Perhaps most importantly, odour control capacity on litter must heavily influence your choice of litter. Ideally, super absorbent materials often manage smells by immediately absorbing fluids and thus the ammonia that causes excrement to smell.

Alternatively, some litter technologies use baking soda to neutralize and control the smells. Since scented litter options aren’t the best choice for ferret odour control, you must find litter options with more efficient odour management systems.

Type of litter

If you are new to pets: there are different types of litter that are often separated by the type of material used to make the constituent particles. More eco-friendly liter options often use paper, or recycled paper fibers to produce biodegradable and safer liter options.

More innovative brands use highly absorbent and efficient silica gel tech or even clay formulations as the primary material. Traditionally most liters used clay as litter material. This is no longer the case considering clay and wood shavings have been phased out by more reliable materials, not to mention softer and more comfortable alternatives.

With yours and your pets needs in mind, you can select from the wide array of material that will benefit both of you.


Many of the brands we mentioned above are dust-free options that if not 100% dust-free, are pretty close. Dust produced from litter is an annoyance in many ways and may even encourage litter tracking: the number one reason I do not have cats.

Additionally, dust and particles produced from litter may be harmful to sensitive ferrets with delicate allergies or even poor respiratory systems.

Final Word

Finding the best litter for your ferrets will be an important part of setting up their living area and in training. Before you can settle on one brand, ensure you properly vet each option with the parameters we have discussed. Different alternatives are a great place to begin the search.

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