Best Bedding for Ferrets

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Bedding is just as important as nutrition in pet ownership, especially if your pet is a sleepyhead. If you are looking for a guide to the best bedding for your pet ferret, then you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to see our top picks!

Imagine if you had to spend the whole night in a smelly uncomfortable SCRATCHY environment. You probably wouldn’t get any hours in. Likewise, our pets feel uncomfortable and will probably move elsewhere when their sleeping conditions aren’t what they are supposed to be.

In this case, ferrets like bedding that is soft and comfortable, among many things. However, we need to consider more than what they like; including the fabric used to make the beddings, odour control, their resilience against scratching, safety, softness, etc.

We will discuss the top bedding options for ferrets in addition to guiding you through the process. Here you will find our complete guide to the best bedding for your furry buddies, which includes packaged bedding, hammocks for ferrets, sleeping sacks, blankets among other bedding material.

Best Ferret Bedding Reviews

Clean & Cosy White Small pet Bedding by Kaytee – Best selling pet bedding for ferrets

Kaytee’s Clean and Cozy bedding is the perfect combination of super soft and very clean bedding material. It is a paper bedding material that is the right amount of fluffy for you ferrets comfort with commendable absorption. The result of this is great odor management.


  • Made according to FDA requirements
  • 99.9% dust-free bedding
  • Guaranteed odour control
  • Superabsorbent material that absorbs 6X its weight
  • Available in 12.3L, 24.6L, 49.2L and 85L volumes

Paper-based bedding material is a good option for anyone looking for the winning comfort-odour control combination bedding. The material consists of long fibre strands made with recycled paper and consistent throughout every batch.

Capable of absorbing twice as much liquid as wood shavings, this bedding has great absorbency, which means equally great odor control. Kaytee cites that the clean and cozy bedding is meant to absorb 6 times its weight.

Made 99.9% dust-free, this bedding is a good option for our sensitive ferret friends whose respiratory systems are vulnerable to particles and other materials. Additionally, the bedding material adheres to all FDA requirements ensuring yours and your little furry guy’s safety.

Moreover, Kaytee guarantees that this material will maintain the space without odor or wetness issues.

The fluffy nature of the paper bedding does a great job to encourage burrowing and nesting. The fact that the material doesn’t produce makes it quite easy to clean and manage. However, the newer formulation is reportedly not as high performance as the previous one.


This bedding is a super absorbent, super safe option for ferrets that need such. Odour control performance with this bedding is very good. This is great news if your little guy is a stinker.

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Little Friends Fluffy Lined Hammock – Best Hammock for 2 adult ferrets

Little Friends designed this hammock to meet all your ferrets bedding needs. It is a soft quality material hammock great for larger small animals: specifically ferrets. It houses 2 adult-sized ferrets comfortably and is easy to attach to your little guys living space.


  • Quality fabric
  • Accommodates 2 adult-sized ferrets
  • Available in 6 different prints & colours
  • Easily to install with cage attachment clips
  • Available in the dimensions: 14.5 inches by 12 inches by 12 inches depth

Hammocks are a great bedding option for a variety of pets, ferrets are no exception. This hammock particularly is a soft, accommodating option for ferret owners everywhere. The material is a soft fabric which is designed to suit your ferrets softness and cosy requirements.

Since it is a compartmentalized hammock, the ferrets can sleep on the top layer or may snuggle up in the bottom compartment. Coupled with its 2 adult-sized ferrets capacity, this hammock is wonderful for anyone with many ferrets.

They will enjoy playing, and snuggling on this bedding. Additionally, this hammock is machine washable and drier safe, making it quite convenient to clean. However, the material isn’t indestructible; you will, therefore, need to keep inspecting the hammock for chewing or damage.


Little Friends hammock is a cheap but quality bunk option for anyone looking for the ultimate snuggling bedding for their ferrets. This hammock will ensure the little guys are comfortable thanks to the high-quality soft plus, which keeps pets cosy.

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Cat Kitten Hammock Bed Pad Pet Cat Cage Comforter by – Best synthetic fabric hammock bedding

Pelay designed this soft hammock comforter with the perfect balance of comfort and convenience, making it the ideal bedding for both you and your ferret. With lamb wool-like softness, your ferrets will remain comfortable throughout their mandatory resting times.


  • Quick to attach/easy install hammock with attachment clips
  • Comes in Zebra design, size small
  • Supports up to 6kgs
  • Synthetic wool material

If you like soft hammocks as bedding for your ferrets, then this model by Pelay might be the hammock you are looking for. It is designed carefully to ensure you can easily install or take down the item. The spring clips available will quickly attach to the sleeping space you intent to install them.

The material is a synthetic lamb’s wool, which is reinforced with support lines. Entirely, this hammock can support a maximum of 6 kilograms. Given an adult ferrets weigh about 4 pounds, that carrying capacity is great for multiple ferrets. In fact, they can snuggle comfortably and securely.

Unfortunately, the fabric quality will not withstand ferrets chewing or scratching. Luckily, you will have received many hours of rest from this hammock before it gives in to damage on the clips or the material body.


If you are willing to overlook the fabric quality, this hammock will provide your ferrets many comfy night of guaranteed softness. It will take you seconds to set up and accommodate your ferrets quite well.

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CHIPSI Climate floor – Best Hemp bedding for ferrets

You can already tell from the title, this is a hemp mat you can utilize as bedding for your ferrets. These often provide the right kind of environment for small animals to rest. CHIPSI designed this mat with100% hemp fibers hat is great for sensitive and allergic critters.


  • All natural 100% untreated hemp fibre material
  • Super absorbent
  • Good odour control
  • Made for sensitive or allergic animals
  • Available in the following dimension M (40 x 25 cm), L (45 x 95 cm), XL (50 x 115 cm)

When you need to create a suitable climate in your ferret’s home, this hemp mat may be the best solution. With the all-natural, no dust hemp material used in its construction: your ferrets will enjoy resting and easily stay warm on the CHIPSI climate floor.

Allergies, especially with regard to pet ownership can be a pain. If you are an allergy sufferer and own a pet, then it is important to find items that will not aggregate said allergies. This mat is made with all-natural hemp, which is grown in extremely environmentally friendly conditions.

Finally, it is packaged as a compostable and biodegradable hemp mat, which isn’t even bleached. As a result, your little guys can enjoy playing and live in whichever space you choose for them.

Because this is a practically dust-free mat, it will sustain ferrets, ensuring the air quality is superior and the space remains clean.


Sensitive individuals or allergy suffers can utilize the CHIPSI climate floor to provide a safe and comfortable space for ferrets to rest. With this ultra-absorbent, odor binding mat, you can provide your ferret with the great climate in their little home easily.

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How to choose the right bedding for your ferrets

Bedding, unlike litter requires a more thorough vetting before you can settle on “the one”. Ideally, there are many different elements that influence your choice of bedding. Here are some great tips with important considerations that every owner must make before settling on their ideal option.

First off, you must establish the type of bedding you would like to use. As you can tell from the items we’ve reviewed above, bedding material varies from paper, to different fabrics and even in other cases, synthetic materials. If you prefer more natural, safer and non-toxic materials, then paper and other natural/recyclable materials will be best.

Next, we often encourage owners to decide whether to go eco friendly or otherwise. This is because, environmentally friendly bedding options are generally a safer option for ferrets. Therefore leading us to the next important factor/consideration for choosing your ferrets bedding: Health and safety.

This is among the topmost priorities when selecting bedding. Remember, it is where your little guys will spend most of their day. Because ferrets are sensitive to respiratory issues, it is necessary to ensure all your options are safe and, if necessary, approved for use by both humans and small animals.

Still on the matter of safety, some fabrics or stitching designs are inconveniencing for ferrets. This is because the little guys may get their pars claws stuck in one of those, and possibly hurt themselves as they try to escape. This may turn quite unsafe for our buddies.

You must, therefore, choose the best format of bedding or, if necessary, the best fabric with the best stitching and finish.

Ideally, you want the bedding to provide a cozy space for your ferrets to rest. Cozy may mean physically soft and comfortable, or it could indicate how well the bedding accommodates burrowing and nestling. There are different bedding brands that encourage our ferret friends to dig and roll about before they can curl up all snug for naps.

Lastly and equally as important, beddings designed with different accommodations and convenience features are helpful to both the pet and the owner. For instance, bedding with powerful odor management or those with easy cleaning instructions not only ensure the ferrets live in a clean and smell-free environment bit also clean up a bit less stressful.

Final word

There are many responsibilities that accompany pet ownership: the main one being the provision of all the basic needs. Ferrets often flourish in spaces with a separate sleeping, feeding, and relief area. This requires that you set up the space with the right litter, feeding system, and bedding.

Coupled with the tips for choosing the right bedding, the different options discussed above are a great place to stat for anyone looking for the best bedding for their ferrets.

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