Best Dental Treats For Cats

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All cat owners love treating their cats, and cats love receiving them, but which treats will help to improve your cats dental health and work to remove plaque?

In this guide we review the best dental treats for cats, and help pick out the most effective treats available in the UK.

What to consider when buy dental treats for your cat

When it comes to dental treats, we like to revert to treats that are recommended by vets to get the best results. Fortunately, the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) provide a complete list of recommended dental products.

All products that we have covered in this guide are recommended by the VOHC.

The main consideration we look for with dental treats is whether the treat is crunchy. Harder and crunchier treats force your cat to chew significantly more than a softer treat, which in turn helps to remove and improve plaque accumulation.

Best Cat Dental Treat Reviews

The reviews below will help you get your cat treats that they will be crazy for.

1. Purina Dentalife Dental Treats For Cats


The Purina Dentalife treats are treats that we love, and use personally on our cats. Purina Dentalife are scientifically proven to reduce tartar, and their crunchiness helps to force our cats to chew more than they normally would.

From an owners point of view, we find the Purina treats definitely improve our cats breath and they are a great addition to brushing our cats teeth. The treats come in salmon and chicken flavour and our cats love both of them.

2. Whiskas Dentabites Cat Dental Treats for Oral Care – Chicken


The Whiskas Dentabites are recommended by the VOHC to improve a cats dental hygiene. The bites come in chicken flavour and are proven to reduce the build up of tartar as long as they are used daily with your cat.

The bites have a crunchy outside which forces your cat to chew, and has a soft centre which combine to improve your cats dental health. The treats are enriched with vitamins and minerals, and come with no artificial flavours. These treats are less than 2 kcal per treat, meaning these treats won’t cause your cat to put weight on with daily use.

3. Greenies Smartbites – Catnip Flavour


The Greenies dental treats are a vet-recommended feline dental treat. The crunchy texture helps clean your cats teeth and work to reduce tartar build up. The Greenies dental treats are made with natural ingredients, and include vitamins and minerals to make these a nutritionally complete and balance treat for cats.


Dental hygiene is vital for cats. It is recommended that you combine brushing your cats teeth with toothpaste, with dental treats to help improve the long health of your cats.

Cats are sweet animals that deserve to be pampered, but even when choosing treats, make sure you choose options that are good for your furry friend’s dental health.