Best Cat Hair Clippers

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Cats are habitual cleaners, they are rather obsessive about it and spend as much as 50% of their time grooming and cleaning at their fur and body.

Although they do a fantastic job of keeping their skin and hair clean, neat and tidy most of the time; there are sometimes when they need a helping hand with their coat, teeth and nails. You can help keep your cat in a healthy condition using cat nail clippers, a cat toothbrush or cat hair clippers.

Before resorting to cat hair clippers, you should try and brush out any matting or messy fur. What if it gets a little out of hand and no amount of brushing is going to get those tangles out? That is when you may need to use hair clippers.

Can You Use Human Hair Clippers?

This is a commonly asked question and if we could, that would certainly make things a lot easier. However, it is recommended that you invest in hair clippers that have been specifically designed for use on cats.


Well, there are a number of reasons.

  • Human clippers get much warmer than those designed for pets and cats.
  • Human clippers can be quite noisy which is not great when you are trying to calm your cat to let him or a professional clip his hair.
  • Cat fur and human hair have different densities.

With those three points in mind then, our recommendation would be to invest in cat or pet hair clippers.

Now, we know there are many different brands and models out there and that the choice could be a little intimidating, particularly if you are a fairly new cat owner and just finding your feet with the new responsibilities you have gained.

That is why we have put together our list of the best cat hair clippers. In this list we will look at 4 of the best clippers for cats on the market at the moment, to help you figure out which would be best for you and your cat.

Our Recommended Best Cat Hair Clippers!

Enjoy our reviews.

1. Wahl Pocket Pro Pink Clipper

Now before you rush out and by this vibrant pink set of clippers because they match kitty’s pink collar, let us tell you some interesting things about it. Wahl, if you didn’t already know, is a very reputable brand when it comes to grooming products. Not just human grooming products, but pets too.

Wahl was actually the inventors and suppliers of the very first electrical hair clipper of practical value, back in 1919. The company is still going strong and now even does pet grooming products, which leads us nicely onto the Pocket Pro Pink Clipper.

This is a battery powered clipper that is supposed to be good for paws, ears and facial hair trimming. It is lightweight so won’t cause fatigue if used for a long period of time and can be concealed easily if you are trying to calm your feline. When you buy it you also get a blade guard, some oil for the clipper and a brush to keep it clean.

For the price and the fact it has such a trusted brand name, for many, this might be a sure-fire bargain.

2. Hatteker Dog Clippers Pet Grooming Clippers

Hatteker is another brand that most reading this that have little knowledge of pet grooming would associate with male grooming products. However, the Hatteker dog clippers have been praised in many online reviews and although the price is a bit of a jump compared to the Wahl model, you do get greater value for money in terms of features, functionality and extras.

This set of clippers features a blade made from ceramic and titanium, that has been designed to last and will never rust or overheat. There is a selection of 4 different comb attachments, to give you some flexibility and versatility. The sizes are 4 to 6 mm, 7 to 9 mm 10 to 12 mm and 16 to 18 mm.

As it sometimes takes numerous attempts and a lot of patience, the handle has been designed with anti-slip properties and to ergonomically fit into your hand when you hold it.

There is so much to say about there clippers – they are rechargeable with one charge providing you with 120 minutes of use for 1.5 hours of charging. It also generates only a low level of noise so won’t disturb your cat too much. Along with the clippers and the guide combs, you also get a cleaning brush and a comb for your pet along with a stand and an additional batter.

for such a reasonable price, this is a great deal.

3. ARCESS Quiet Rechargeable Cordless Mini Clippers

Arcess is a brand name we weren’t familiar with and it may be that you aren’t too. However, this lightweight clippers set has scored many great reviews and includes the kind of specification you might expect on a more expensive model.

They are designed to be used for your cat’s paw, mouth, eyes ears and face fur and have quick charge lithium batteries that take just 1 hour to charge and provide you with 150 minutes of use. There is a handy LED that lets you know how much charge you have left.

Cats, as you know, can be very jumpy, so it is best to have a set of clippers that are as quiet as possible and fortunately, this set from Arcess are just that. Very low and quiet vibration What’s more impressive is the fact that the company have built these clippers to last and to endure a reasonable degree of abuse.

When there are those times you get frustrated or your clippers fall out of your hand, with these you won’t have to worry as the housing has been specifically built for such occasions.

Along with the actual clippers, you also get 2 guide combs (3 to 6 mm and 9 to 12 mm), oil for the blades, a cleaning brush for the blades and the UK and EU mains adaptor.

4. Codos 8000 Low Noise Rechargeable Trimmer

Another brand name that is new to us, but that has produced a very attractive set of clippers is Codos. This rechargeable set of clippers is lower in price than the one above and has a lot of great qualities and features.

For one it has a 0.8 mm blade that has been made from high quality ceramic and stainless steel. There is also a 4 step clipping length adjusting mechanism that helps you choose the best setting for your cat’s breed and desired fur length. Although it does take a lot longer to charge for just 60 minutes, if you opt to just charge it for 3 hours you can use it for 40 minutes.

While it may not be the best, judging by the online reviews and the fact it comes with a couple of guide combs (3 to 6 mm and 9 to 12 mm) a cleaning brush and some oil, you could probably do a lot worse.